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Horrific New Details Released About WHY A Mother Let Her Boyfriend And His Cousin Rape And Murder Her 10-Year-Old Daughter While She Watched

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Victoria Martens

There are some true crime cases that are so horrific and awful that it makes you seriously question the state of humanity. The rape and murder of 10-year-old Victoria Martens is one of them. 

Though officials from the Children, Youth and Families Department of Albuquerque, New Mexico received at least five calls regarding the treatment of Victoria and her brother, not one person claimed they saw any sign of abuse. 

Claims were made about poor hygiene, dirty clothes, improper discipline and even a call that an older man kissed Victoria when they were alone, but no action was ever taken. 

And on Aug. 24, 2016, her dismembered body was found partially wrapped in a burning blanket inside her mother's apartment. 

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New details about this crime were recently released, including the fact that Victoria Martens' mom, Michelle Martens, made dinner for the two people who killed her daughter after the murder. 

Just one day after Victoria's 10th birthday, her mother admitted to police that she watched her boyfriend, Fabian Gonzales, and his cousin, Jessica Kelly, rape and strangle Victoria to death

Kelly also stabbed the child after she died. The couple then dismembered her body.

New details also came out that another one of Michelle's boyfriends, a man named David Hernandez, kissed the girl when she was 9 years old.

It was reported to police, but they later decided it didn't warrant further investigation. 

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Victoria's grandparents looked into the incident and discovered Hernandez was accused of trying to kidnap a little girl off the streets. 

“An adult man kissing a young girl and that’s dismissed as not as important to investigate, that’s shocking. But if you go further and know what they knew in their own files, they could have connected — this guy’s a pedophile,” the grandparents’ attorney Jason Bowles told KRQE.

“She did what she could as a small child to tell adults, help, help me.”

Sadly, no one did, and Michelle Martens recently confessed to having organized multiple sexual assaults on Victoria and Victoria’s 8-year-old brother Matthew, 8 while she watched. She told police that this had been going on for many months, and that her reason for arranging the sexual abuse of her children was all because she “enjoyed” watching her kids get raped. 

Michelle also told police she was also sleeping with the men. She found the men willing to rape her children on online dating apps and at her her job at a baby supply store Buy Buy Baby. In order to relax Victoria and Matthew before and during the assaults, she gave them meth or ZzzQuil.

She also admitted that she got sexual gratification from watching the two suspects rape, strangle and then dismember her daughter.

All three suspects will be tried separately, with the trial for Michelle Martens beginning in July 2018. Hopefully justice will be served for sweet Victoria. 

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