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Who Is Chris' Wife On 90-Day Fiancé? New Details On Nikki Cooper

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Who Is Chris' Wife On 90-Day Fiancé?

Who is Chris' wife on 90-day Fiancé? There's been lots of talk about David and Annie on TLC's 90 Day Fiancé. The 49-year-old American and his 25-year-old Thai wife have raised a lot of eyebrows with questions about their backgrounds, their finances, and their plans for the future. But the real highlight of their story line has been David's best friend Chris, along with his outspoken wife, Nikki.

Chris is a real estate developer and failed politician from Kentucky who supports David financially and even sponsored Annie's visa for her to come to te United States. He's married to YouTube beauty and style vlogger Nikki and they have two children together. While Chris has always seemed willing to have David's back and help him out with anything he needs, Nikki takes a much more skeptical approach. Her honest and direct style has made her a fan favorite, even though she and Chris no longer appear on the show.

So who is Nikki Cooper? Read on to find out.

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1. Style Vlogger

Most of Nikki's social media presence is her YouTube channel where she does style and make-up tutorials, as well as posting family videos of herself and Chris and the kids. Her Instagram page is also mainly style tips and gorgeous selfies. She doesn't share a lot of personal information.

2. Origin Story

One of the videos on her YouTube page is Nikki and Chris bantering about how they first met. She describes how Chris approached her in a bar and made her laugh, even though she wasn't impressed with his looks or his clothes. He was plenty impressed with her, though, and knew she was special right from the beginning.

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3. And baby makes three...then four

Before they tied the knot, Chris and Nikki had a beautiful little baby girl. They got married when she was a toddler and added a baby boy to their family shortly thereafter.

4. He said what?

In one episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Chris made a very weird request of Annie — he suggested she give him massages in exchange for letting the couple live at their house. Nikki later explained that the whole moment was staged by producers. She says she never would have stayed quiet and let Chris disrespect their marriage otherwise. 

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5. Visa

Over dinner one night, Nikki talks to Annie candidly about all the times David needed money from Chris. While Annie seems surprised about some of the loans, she knew about one big thing: Chris co-sponsored the visa to bring her to the US. Nikki had already known about that too but Annie reveals the sponsorship lasts for 10 years: a fact Nikki had not known and wasn't pleased to hear. 

6. Hard truth

If Chris is the friend who will help you in any circumstance, Nikki is the friend who will tell you the cold, hard truth. Shortly after Annie and David arrive in the US, David gets drunk and starts acting like a fool. Nikki, along with her BFF Antonio give Annie some real talk about the man she's about to marry.

7. A friend in need

No matter what Nikki thinks about David, she has enough of a heart to help Annie in a pinch. Annie took Nikki wedding dress shopping and the two of them selected a lovely dress. But when Annie went to the counter to pay for it, the credit card David gave her was declined. Nikki stepped in to pay for the gown.

8. But that's the end of it

Buying Annie a dress was the end of the line for Nikki when it comes to paying for her and David to have the life they want. While Chris might have continued floating the couple loans, Nikki wasn't having it. She was frustrated with David's refusal to work so and Chris told David they were done with that on the Tell-All episode.

9. Spilling tea

Nikki and Chris walked away from the show after one season but they didn't sign a confidentiality agreement. They took to Nikki's YouTube channel and gave a lot of background about their experience with the show. They explained how some scenes are staged and that they never got paid for their participation. 

It's unlikely that we'll see more of Nikki on TLC — though we hope she changes her mind! — but she may find other ways to make a name for herself.

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