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Are Tori Spelling And Dean McDermott Divorcing? New Details On Their Major Marriage Troubles

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are Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott divorcing?

In Hollywood, there are plenty of scandals, but the most interesting ones always involve celebrities cheating on their spouses and then leaving them for another man or woman. We saw it happen with Eddie Cibrian and Leann Rimes, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman.

But then, there’s Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, who both left their spouses for each other. The two have been married since 2006 and have five kids together, with McDermott having a sixth child from his marriage to Mary Jo Eustace.

But there may be trouble in paradise for the two actors. Are Tori Spelling and Dean Mcdermott divorcing?

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They’ve had their fair share of ups and downs over the years. After their fourth child in 2013, there was speculation the couple was having trouble in their marriage, a claim Spelling refuted.

She was quoted as saying, “It’s just sad that our actual happiness would probably be deemed boring. I can handle [media scrutiny.] I always have. But don’t do it to a man that has done nothing but loved me and our children. He has stood by me during the good times and held my hand through the darkest moments of my life.”

Just after that, McDermott cheated on Spelling while she was home with the children over the holidays. A few months later, he checked himself into rehab and the two worked their issues out.

“What we went through publicly, I learned a lot, I wouldn’t do it again, at the end of the day we’re together, we’re happy and we’re working on our relationship and we have a beautiful family and a beautiful life. It all worked out in the end,” McDermott said.

Just as things seemed to be getting better, in 2016, the couple was hit with a tax lien for owing unpaid state taxes back in 2014. American Express also sued Spelling for failing to pay an almost $40,000 balance.

But then earlier this year in March, police responded to a disturbance call at Spelling’s home with the dispatch call indicating it pertained to a female with a possible mental illness. A week later, McDermott called the cops to check up on his wife after she left their home, concerned about her well-being.

Could her mental illness be causing a rift in their marriage? Or is something else at play here?

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Well, according to sources, McDermott has been absent from Spelling’s posts on social media in recent weeks. He also apparently left their shared home after the July 4th holiday and neighbors haven’t seen him around since then.

While one source claims he’s currently in Canada filming, others speculate he’s been pushed to the edge by Spelling’s breakdown. “Tori’s behavior has sent him to a breaking point,” one insider said.

One report claimed that the two were sleeping in separate bedrooms. “Tori has been sleeping in the master bedroom, while Dean sleeps on the floor in one of their son’s rooms. He just doesn’t even want to be near Tori!”

But another source believes Spelling is fed up with McDermott being out of work and wants him to take more responsibility. “Tori has had enough of Dean’s moaning about not being a working actor. Yes, Dean is involved in taking care of their kids, but he needs to step up and be the provider.”

With five, sometimes six, children in the home, it’s important that the two put their differences aside and either buck up and fix things, or go their separate ways. Children shouldn’t be living in such a toxic environment after all.


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