6 Details About Dua Lipa's Boyfriend And The Cheating Rumors That Plague Their Relationship

The pop singer is currently dating chef and model Isaac Carew.


Singer Dua Lipa is best known for her hit singles including “New Rules,” “One Kiss,” and “IDGAF.” These songs have thrust her to international stardom and established her reputation as one of pop music’s most honest songwriters. Her lyrics have guided countless listeners and fans toward making self-empowering decisions in their lives.

It should come as no surprise that Dua’s lyrics are informed by her own life experiences. Dua’s songwriting often captures the complexities of love, and this is a topic she herself knows a lot about.


So who is Dua Lipa's boyfriend that might be inspiring all of these hit songs? Her relationship with current boyfriend Isaac Carew has seen its fair share of ups and downs, including a break up early last year, cheating rumors, and backlash from Dua’s fans. Here’s a look at the most interesting details about Dua Lipa and Isaac Carew's relationship.

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1. Isaac is a model and longtime chef.

Isaac, who began dating Dua (for the second time) in January, has been a chef for over two decades, even though he’s only 32 years old. As a child, he assisted his father and grandfather with their cooking. Since then, Isaac has released a cookbook titled The Dirty Dishes and has appeared on a YouTube channel of the same name.


He has also modeled for clothing brands including Hermès and Topman.

2. Dua and Isaac's relationship is on and off.

Dua and Isaac previously dated from 2015 to 2017 until their breakup in February of that year. Their first attempt at romance, which lasted for eighteen months, seems to have ended on good terms. “We didn’t break up because we didn't want to be with each other — we just needed to be on our own and that’s really it,” Dua reportedly told The Sun after her breakup.

3. Did Isaac cheat on Dua?

In a video from The Sun, Isaac could be seen dancing up close and personal with another girl as Dua’s song with Calvin Harris “One Kiss” played in the background. The incident happened in June 2018 at London’s G-A-Y Late nightclub. According to The Sun, “Isaac appears to move in for a kiss with the mystery brunette” partway through the video as they danced on the crowded dance floor.


According to blind gossip site Crazy Days and Nights, this isn't the first time Isaac has been accused of cheating on Dua. "The only time the boyfriend of this foreign-born current A list singer is not cheating on her is when he is physically with her," the anonymous author revealed about their relationship. "She just falls for all his excuses."

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4. Isaac has denied cheating rumors.

Just one week after the nightclub video surfaced, Isaac traveled to New York to be with Dua. He also expressed his thoughts on the cheating rumors, offering his own perspective in an Instagram post: “I’m in a gay bar dancing with a friend and its been shown in a bad light. There was no kissing and im disappointed at myself for even dancing for a brief moment given the way it was portrayed. It was a loud club and i was talking to her in her ear.”

In the post, Isaac also addressed the current strength of his relationship with Dua: “We are very happy being back together. We spent 3 and half years happily together with loyalty and love and we never broke up in the first place because we had problems like that. We broke up because of scheduling conflicts and not being able to be together.”


5. It’s been (falsely) rumored that Dua’s “New Rules” was inspired by her breakup with Isaac.

iHeartRadio has rumored that Dua’s “New Rules” draws inspiration from her breakup with Isaac. Dua quickly responded to the content of the article by tweeting, “Have a day off luv.”

It seems Dua’s frustration was warranted because the song’s true muse was revealed by songwriter Emily Warren. Warren has stated that she wrote the song with her friend Caroline and that events in Caroline’s life led to the two friends writing the song. “So writing songs like ‘New Rules,’ we were just taking a risk ‘cause it was something that was actually going on with Caroline,” Warren told Elite Daily.


6. Some fans don’t approve of Dua and Isaac's relationship.

Even though Dua isn’t necessarily singing from experience on “New Rules,” fans have accused her of breaking the very advice she has given them on the track. When Dua got back together with Isaac, fans were quick to point out the contradictions between her words and her actions.

One fan wrote on twitter, “sis u broke the new rules.” Dua clapped back, tweeting “Sis get a grip.”

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