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Pictures Of Every Tattoo On 'New Rules' Singer Dua Lipa's Body — Plus The Meaning & Inspiration Behind Each

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Pictures Of Dua Lipa's Tattoos, Plus The Meanings And Inspiration Behind Each

If you are a fan of tattoos and/or singer, songwriter and former model Dua Lipa, you may already be aware that she has quite the ever-growing collection started. As of our last count, Lipa has either 9 or 10 tattoos on her body in total (depending on how you want to count the matched set of Keith Haring tats on her thumbs).

If you aren't familiar with Lipa yet, the 22-year-old singer is a combination of pretty much every best human quality and characteristic you can pull out of your thesaurus.

After getting her start covering songs by some of her favorite singers — from Pink to Alessia Cara to Etta James — in YouTube videos at the age of 14, Lipa is taking the music world by storm with hit songs off her dark pop styled, self-titled debut album, such as "IDAGF," the new video for which dropped less than two weeks ago and has already garnered close to 64 million views on YouTube.


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In the eight short months since her first album dropped, Spotify named Lipa "the most streamed woman of 2017 in the UK," as she beat out heavy-weights like Beyonce, Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande.

And with "New Rules," Lipa just scored her first No. 1 on Billboard's Pop Songs radio airplay chart (dated Feb. 3), which the magazine notes is "the first Pop Songs No. 1 for a female on [Warner Bros. Music] since Madonna's 'Take a Bow,'" which held the coveted spot for five weeks beginning on Feb. 25, 1995, the same year Lipa was born.

During a live-streaming video chat on YouTube channel "Ask Anything" in May 2017, Dua answered a fan's question about her tattoo inspiration in great detail.

Here are pictures of Dua Lipa's 9 (or 10, depending on how you count the matched set on her thumbs) tattoos, plus the meaning and inspiration behind each.

1. The words "Sunny Hill" on her forearm.

"My first ever tattoo that I got, it says 'Sunny Hill,' and that's the neighborhood my parents grew up in in Kosovo."


2. "This means nothing" — literally — on her other forearm.

"Then my second tattoo was, because this one had meaning and I just wanted to get another tattoo, I got a tattoo that says 'this means nothing,' so there is no meaning behind that one."


3. A palm tree on her elbow.

"Then I have a palm tree on the back of my elbow because I spend a substantial amount in LA and I think palm tree's are my favorite kind of trees."


4. Two of artist Keith Haring's dancing men, one on each of her thumbs.

"I have two Keith Haring tattoos on my thumbs because I love Keith Haring the artist and because I couldn't afford the art, I thought I might as well have it drawn on me."


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5. The letters "R" and "G" on the inside of one wrist.

"I have an 'R' and a 'G' for my sister and my brother, Rina and Gijn."


6. "Patience" on her left hand.

"I have patience written on my hand."


7. The word "angel" on her shoulder.

"I have an angel on my shoulder. I guess having an angel on your shoulder is having someone looking over you, in a sense."


8. A star on one finger.

"I have this star on my finger, which is my most recent one. It's a stick and poke tattoo that my drummers wife, Amy, did on me when she came to the house."


9. An all-seeing eye on her ankle.

"I have an all-seeing eye on my foot because my drummer and his wife came over to hang out and this was my housewarming gift, and an all-seeing eye kind of protects you from any evil."


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