13 Super-Scary Movies To Watch On Netflix On Friday The 13th

Don't watch these alone!

Best Horror Movies On Netflix For Friday The 13th Scary Movies

When I was a kid, my mom was extremely superstitious. The only time she would leave the safety of the house on Friday the 13th was to drop off my siblings and I at school and pick us up. There was no way she was getting sucked into the vortex of bad luck that seemed to follow her on this day.

My brother and I were the opposite though. We would sit in front of the TV after school and watch every Friday the 13 movie there was.


Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers were practically my older brothers, too. 

There's no shortage of scary movies on the market. Just in the last six months, we've seen A Quiet Place, Insidious: The Last Key, Bad Samaritan, and Hereditary, which personally kept me up all night with scary dreams.

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If you're a horror movie buff then you know that most of the ones on Netflix are usually not the best, but there are some diamonds in the rough. Some of the best lesser known films are on the streaming site, and sure to leave you sleeping with at least one light on. 


Whether you like psychological thrillers, slasher films, or something that has a few good jokes sprinkled in here and there, there's something on Netflix to help you celebrate Friday the 13th the right way.

Just remember to avoid black cats, broken mirrors, spilling salt and opening umbrellas indoors. Happy streaming!

1. Zombieland​


This movie is not only hilarious but also terrifying. Set in a zombie apocalypse, a ragtag team of drifters is trying to stay alive and make it to safety  or find a Twinkie, whichever comes first. Zombie clowns, intense action scenes, a little romance and even Bill Murray, this movie has got it all. 

2. It Follows

This movie might be a metaphor for STDs which makes it even scarier. It's the story of a demon that follows people and is transferred through sexual contact. After a one night stand, a young girl wakes up and realizes that she's the only one who can see the monster in the corner.


It's terrifying, suspenseful, and might be about crabs. All the aspects to make it terrifying for young adults. 

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3. Creep


This movie was filmed on an iPhone — Paranormal Activity style. It looks super cheesy and low budget, but it scared the bejeesus out of me.

A guy answers a Craig's list ad (first mistake) to help some weirdo film a documentary for his unborn son. There's a creepy werewolf mask, a desolate mansion in the woods, drugging with Benadryl, and an ending that will leave you shocked and upset. Totally worth it. 

4. Teeth


Teeth... down there. That's all I'm gonna say on this one. It's every man's worst nightmare, and surprisingly scary despite the chuckle-worthy title.

5. The Descent

A group of girlfriends goes on a trip to climb down into an uncharted cave. Totally my idea of a fun girls' trip. The deeper they go into the cave the sooner they realize they aren't alone.


Monsters who hunt off of sound are following them, forcing them to be quiet while they're all scared and lost. A lot of suspense and also a lot of gore, so be ready. 

6. The Devil's Candy

A struggling artist and his family get more than they bargained for when they find out the house they moved into is an epicenter for a satanic cult and demonic activity. When the man who previously lived there comes back to finish the Devil's work, all hell breaks loose, literally.


Torn between protecting his family and obeying the lord of the underworld, a man must choose his battle. 

7. Gerald's Game

This is from the sick mind of Stephen King so you know it's going to be good when you watch it. A woman accidentally kills her husband while she's tied up during a sexy anniversary trip in a cabin away from just about everybody. 


Trapped handcuffed to the bed, she has to figure out how to save herself before she faces the same fate as her husband. 

8. Train to Busan

Foreign films are ALWAYS the scariest. A man and his daughter are trapped on a train as a zombie outbreak is starting. As people on the train start to become infected, it's every man for themselves as people try to race through the train cars to stay alive. 


9. Let Me In

Two lonely little kids who both feel like outcasts only find solace in each other. While one tries to plan revenge on all of his bullies, murder seems to follow the other.

Who's hiding the bigger secret and why are children so creepy? This movie is a guaranteed nail-biter that's perfect for your Friday the 13th.


10. Before I Wake

After adopting a new child to cope with the death of their first born, these parents realize that their new son's dreams come to life. At first, it's a beautiful miracle, but then they realize his nightmares come to life too.

A son who's terrified to fall asleep and parents who are scared of what might come out of his mind, this movie gives new meaning to nightmares. 


11. The Void

A routine night for an officer and some hospital staff becomes a nightmare when a cult and demonic creatures start to appear inside and outside of the hospital.

Apparently, the basement is a gateway to hell and these scary guys just want to go home. But they have to get through the staff first. Scary monsters and creepy hooded figures add extra suspense to this movie. 


12. Hush

A deaf writer goes to an isolated cabin to try and make some progress on her new book. She quickly realizes she's being stalked by an intruder who's trying to get into her house.

The movies puts you in her world of silence, which leaves you yelling at the screen for her to just turn around! 


13. The Conjuring

This movie scarred me for life. It was the first movie I was allowed to go see with my friends at the theater and not my parents — and boy did I wish my mom had been there.

So many demons, creepy children ... they even found a way to make clapping sound scary. The good news with this one, if you like it there's a whole franchise to watch and be terrified of if you just can't get enough.


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