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How Jupiter And Venus Will Help Predict The Future Of Your Love Life, According To Astrology

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Venus sextile Jupiter

On July 22nd, we will experience Venus sextile Jupiter, with Venus in Virgo and Jupiter in Scorpio. In astrology a sextile is when planets are within 60 degrees of one another and both planets inspire and encourage one another. Essentially, the planets work together for the greatest good.

In this instance, we have a meeting of Venus which represents love, and Jupiter which is all about abundance and luck. And it seems like this is great news for your zodiac sign and love horoscope.

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At this point of our summer eclipse season, this transit is sandwiched between the two to help support our dreams and renew our faith in a love that is greater than us. Regardless of how successful we are, it seems we still desire love and a connection that wakes us up to life and inspires us.

The beautiful thing is that this transit is just that. It’s the opportunity for us to remember why we love the person that we’re with, or remember why we’re working so hard to make things come together so we can be the one who has captured their hearts.  

This summer has and will be all about change. It’s about bringing endings to those situations that have long since run their course, but it’s also about new beginnings and taking the action to start writing that new chapter in our lives. For many of us, this year has centered on relationships and we’ve been becoming increasingly aware of just how much the person we choose to be with can affect everything else in our lives.

There have been times in the past that we’ve talked ourselves out of great love. Sometimes what it takes to get there seems too daunting or impossible, and at other times, we second guess our worthiness because we think it’s too good to be true.

However, regardless of what outdated script we’ve sold ourselves on, love keeps persevering. It doesn’t matter how many times we walked away from a love, nor does it matter what we’ve consciously or unconsciously done to try to ruin it. Love is always there; rather, true love is always there just waiting patiently for us to get our act together so we can stop fighting against what is meant for us.

Venus in Virgo sometimes gets a bad rap; after all, it’s not as dreamy or spontaneous. But in this case, it’s about as romantic as we can get. In love we often call into the pitfalls of just feeling with our hearts instead of thinking with our brains. We have feelings but don’t always turn those into plans that we can actually build a future upon, and that’s why some of us take the hard way around.

To love isn’t just to enjoy spending time with someone, but rather, it’s about having the conversations that, as a couple, make you stronger. Love on a long-term scale is about taking those dreams and making plans together so there be love and the opportunity to share a life together.

Virgo likes to plan, as she is fond of the details and the moments that make up life. She’s an earth sign so her grounded practicality is perfect for helping us take a grand love affair and giving it roots to grow. Through her lens love will take on a different meaning during the coming days under the Venus sextile Jupiter transit.

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It’s a time when we will be more apt to have those conversations with our partner about where we see ourselves going, and how to navigate the waters of “what exactly are we.” While some transits inspire lightheartedness, this sign involves commitment and on a grand scale. Virgo’s not only planner, but they have no use for frivolous encounters, so instead they are drawn towards the relationships that reflect a great deal of meaning and longevity.

Adding to this great, powerful energy, we have Jupiter in Scorpio. Jupiter is the planet of luck, abundance, and all the really amazing aspects of life including love, happiness, and wealth. Scorpio is an emotionally deep water sign, highlighting the theme of soulmates and those incredibly deep connections that seem fated somehow.

Often times, it’s these types of connections that cause us the most turmoil, not necessarily because of the love itself, but rather because our brains are not hardwired to believe in magic.

It seems that we have a transient view on love and relationships that time and skepticism have taught us, but this transit is about to change all of that. Not only will we be willing to dive deep into these powerful soul connections, but we will see the richness of abundance there once we do.

We will see why we’ve never given up on this great love and will finally understand that while love can be ethereal and fated. we still need to sit down and make plans at some point.

Venus sextile Jupiter will help us believe in that amazing love that can last forever, but it will also be inspiring us to make plans so that it does. Because of these factors and the high change energy of eclipse season, there could be some drastic and sweeping changes in our relationships during the course of this aspect.

These could include elopements, engagements, moving in together, or even just finally having that conversation that defines a relationship moving forward. While titles don’t actually define the type of love we’re in, sometimes those types of conversations are necessary for growth and clarity, and Venus in Virgo is just the one to help with these matters.

Real amazing love does exist; however, it’s also up to us to act upon our feelings and take the steps to manifest our dreams into our everyday lives. Love is in the details, in the moments that we build with another, and this transit will be showing us that sometimes it’s not too good to be true, it’s just exactly what we deserve. 

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