What You See First In This Image Reveals Your Most Annoying Personality Trait

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When we talk about the things we love that we know people will be critical about, we refer to them as our guilty pleasures. The truth of the matter is that no pleasure we take in anything, no matter how ridiculous (I'm looking at you, my decades long passion for The Real Housewives), should ever be guilty!

The same goes for our personalities. Oh sure, there are definitely personality traits we would rather not share with the world at large, but they are things that you shouldn't worry about, fix or change. Trust me, you're perfect the way you are. And the best way to discover these traits is with a personality quiz or personality test.

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But let's say that you just met someone new and felt like you didn't connect the way you wanted to. Let's say you were at a party and you noticed someone going out of their way to make sure they didn't have to engage with you socially.

We both know that even your less than perfect personality traits are all part of the magical equation that adds up to you, but the rest of the world might not know that. If you have ever wondered what it is about you that irks certain people, you're in the right place and I have got answers! 

Let's solve the puzzle of our most irritating personality traits by taking this easy, fast, free personality test. If you worry that there's something about people that drives others batty... well, you're absolutely right! People are all different and we each have our own unique personalities, so it makes sense that we all aren't going to mesh well all of the time.

But if you want to know what it is about you specifically that gets on everyone else's nerves, just look at the optical illusion image below and pay close attention to the first thing in the image you see. Then, scroll down and read about how what you saw reveals about your most irritating personality trait.

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The Man's Face 

If you saw the man's face, your most irritating personality trait is that you can't help but say what everyone else is thinking. You have social skills, but sometimes in stressful situations when things would go better left unsaid, you decide to take the bull by the horns and say things anyway. 

The reason that one co-worker is still short with you? Because the day your manager was fired you asked if everyone else's job was safe. Everyone was thinking it, but no one was asking it... because it just wasn't exactly the right time

The Man Reading 

If you saw the man reading, your most irritating personality trait is your tendency to daydream. It's all well and good to escape into your own thoughts for solace, but that doesn't mean you should spend all of your time in la la land. 

If your dream life is interfering with your personal life, if people don't want to open up to you because they believe you aren't really listening, it might be time to evaluate just how much time you spend in your world of personal make-believe. 

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The Trees

If you saw the trees, your most irritating personality trait is your inability to take things seriously. You are legally an adult, you've probably been one for quite some time. But chances are you're still in an entry level job and counting pennies between pay periods, because you can't be trusted to take on real responsibility. 

It isn't that you aren't capable, it's that you deliberately run from success. If you want to be happy, truly happy, and to be treated as an equal by your peers, stop shirking your responsibilities and show everyone just how much you are really capable of doing. 

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