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I Tried Frozen Boozy Push-Pops, Got Buzzed — And Fell In Love

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After a very long beach day with my boyfriend all I wanted was a ice-cold frozen popsicle. I had seen a dad buy his daughter a bunch of those orange sherbet push up pops and asked my boyfriend if he could go to the bar and buy me one.

My wonderful (slightly intoxicated) boyfriend came back from the bar with something I wasn't expecting — but it was SUCH a happy accident. 

What my boyfriend brought back was a Buzz Pop, and it was AMAZING

Imagine if you took a bottle of your favorite alcohol and then poured it into a pint of sherbet. It was so good and it didn't have that overwhelming taste of alcohol that some frozen treats can have (which was nice after a day of all-you-can-drink margaritas). 

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I immediately picked up the Mango Passion Fruit flavor — it has sweet, tropical flavors and a good shot of rum. According to the website, this flavor in particular is the fan favorite and super popular when it comes to mass orders.

They also have 5 other flavors to choose from, including the "Pink Paradise" (grapefruit, orange, raspberry, and tequila), "Southern Belle" (sweet tea, fresh peaches, lemon, and bourbon), "Blueberry Mania" (blueberry sorbet, pomegranate and tequila), "Caribbean Breeze" (pineapple, orange, and white rum), and the "Moscow Mule" (YES — a classic mule in a push-pop). 

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Since the pops are vegan, gluten-free and Kosher, they can be enjoyed by pretty much everyone. The lack of all those additives made it so that I didn't feel like I had just drunk a daiquiri, which was a nice change from the bloated feeling I usually get after sugary drinks.

Credit: BuzzPopCocktails.com

If you don't drink or if you want to get some of these flavors that the whole family can enjoy, there are all sorts of non-alcoholic push-pops to choose from at your local grocery stores too. 

From the classic (and cheap!) Fla-vor-ice pops you can find in just about every frozen aisle, to Minute Maid Lemon Flavored Frozen Lemonade (yum!) to Buzz Pop's "Shirley Temple" flavored pop, there's plenty of alcohol-free push-pops for the whole family to enjoy. 

Heck, you can even make your own with some powdered lemonade and a handy popsicle tray (and a little bit of time and preparation). Either way, including frozen push-pops in your every summer day plans will make everyone happy (and maybe a little buzzed).

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When it comes to buying these boozy push-pops though, it gets a little tricky. You can check your local bars and restaurants to see if they have it in stock (Buzz Pop Cocktails is currently available in Las Vegas, Charleston, California, Minneapolis, New Orleans and Tampa), but if you want to buy some for yourself, then they offer a variety pack of 10 pops for $99.

I guarantee you will never drink alcohol the same way again. You're SO welcome.

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Josie Fuller is a writer who  studies Journalism and Women's Studies at The University of Florida. When she’s not researching new things to write about, she enjoys spending her time watching Bob's Burgers and baking.