Did LeBron James Sign With The LA Lakers To Be Closer To Beyoncé? New Details About Their Alleged Secret Affair

There may have been more than $154 million motivating LeBron.

Did Beyonce Cheat On Jay Z With Lebron James? New Details About Their Affair And How It's The Reason He Signed With The LA Lakers Getty Images

LeBron James left the Cleveland Cavaliers and signed a $154 million dollar contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. While money might have been a serious motivator in this decision, some are speculating that forbidden love also played a factor. 

Last month, a rapper by the name of Da Real Lambo claimed that LeBron had cheated on his wife Savannah James with none other than Beyoncé

The Miami rapper reportedly dated Lebron's mother Gloria and has a long history of picking fights with the NBA icon. 


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Lambo took to social media to promote his upcoming tell-all book that will supposedly expose all of LeBron's secrets — including his mega-famous sidepiece. 

"My book will be giving the world the truth about why @beyonce wasn't invited to @kingjames wedding and why #savannajames wasn't invited to @beyonce wedding," he tweeted. "The mistress will be exposed in my book, maybe its a cuzing of #jayz or @beyonce, u have to read by book to know." 

Last year, Lambo threatened to "expose" Lebron and accused him of cheating on Savannah. He also warned Tristan Thompson about letting LeBron "around your girl," Khloe Kardashian; which is kind of ironic now. 


Though Lambo's allegations have no evidence — and neither Bey or LeBron has even acknowledged them — his claims have people real thinking the basketball player's reasons for signing with the Lakers. Some people tweeted that it's because L.A. is where Beyoncé lives. 

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While Jay-Z and Bey have been seen sitting courtside during Lakers games, other sources close to LeBron say his alleged sidepiece is not the reason. 

LeBron hopes that when his time playing basketball is up, he can build his career as a Hollywood mogul. 

"It’s kind of a no-brainer when you think about it,” the source said. 


"Lebron moved to LA to be closer with Beyoncé and their family," one person tweeted.

"I love that LeBron is moving to be a more permanent fixture in Beyoncé's life," another person said. "Off seasons in LA weren't enough."


Neither Beyoncé, Jay-Z or LeBron James has commented on these rumors. 

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