The 40 Best Birthday Gifts For Mom (To Win The Title Of Favorite Child)

Moms are the best. Treat her as such!

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Getting birthday gifts for Mom is the hardest part of buying presents, because she's hard to buy for but she's also the most important person in our lives. Part of the problem is that she's sometimes impossible to please.

For years we took the easy way out, getting her a gift card for a massage or manicure, and while that's fine, it doesn't show a lot of creativity or thought. This year, try to think out of the box a little bit. Get her something she'll love, but something she doesn't already have and didn't also get every year before.


We rounded up the best gift ideas for Mom's birthday, from the foodie mother to the mom who loves shiny baubles or a great handbag. No matter what, something here will tickle her fancy... we hope.

For the mom who loves bling...

1. J.R. Dunn Chopard Happy Hearts Rose Gold Diamond & Mother of Pearl Bracelet


From the Happy Hearts collection, this bracelet lets you wear your heart beneath your sleeve! Two hearts kiss at the center of the piece — the large one features Mother-of-Pearl inlay, while the smaller openwork heart on the other side is graced with a Chopard signature floating diamond. It's simple. It's elegant. This gift is a bit of a splurge but awesome if all the kids are chipping in for something really special.

(, $2,840)

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2. Round Woodland Necklace by Ash Hilton


A round sterling silver disc is hand engraved with trees. This pendant is 20mm in diameter and sits on a 16-inch chain, and it's handmade in New Zealand. A simple and elegant piece with a strong message that is sure to get noticed.

(Balefire Goods, $205)

3. Customized MOM Hidden Message Necklace by Mathematics


These hidden message necklaces are one-of-a-kind and fully customizable. The pendant "i-beams" form a message on the bottom. The necklace also acts like a charm bracelet where you can add or take off charms. It's so cute and she'll get so much use out of it.

(Mathematics NYC, starts at $75)

4. Kukka Jewelry Thai Splash Pollen Studs


Every mom deserves to be spoiled with a great piece of jewelry. These radian studs are a kaleidoscope of color to go with any outfit. It’s guaranteed to become a staple piece that she wears everyday, and it's just delicate and understated enough to work for a night out or one that involves stopping by the office for an important meeting.

(Kukka Jewelry, $255)

5. Lulu DK XOXO Pendant


Show Mom how much you love her with this hidden "xoxo" message on Lulu DK’s pendant. This necklace is a timeless reminder of the powerful love and connection you share with you Mom, and it lets the world see that connection while also keeping the messaging intimate and personal. Such a lovely piece.

(Lulu DK, $98)

6. Elva Fields Tassel Earrings


Fun, silky tassels that mom will love add a silly, whimsical side to this sweet, unique gift. If you have a mom that just loves to have fun (god bless her!), this is a sure winner. If mom is a grandma, the kids will love watching those tassles sway!

(Elva Fields, $58)

7. Maison Miru Tiny Crystal Studs


Nothing great comes for free, right? Wrong! Get these earrings for free and only pay shipping. We're not saying your mom isn't worth a splurge, but life is expensive, and this is a great way to let her know you were thinking of her even when the budget is feeling extra tight.

(Maison Miru, $29

8. Experimental Jewellery Club Signature Stretch Personalized Beaded Bracelet


This one size fits most  bracelet is super-customizable, which means you get personal with your mom's favorite phrase, #hashtag, or something she's known to always say. Even if it's annoying, it's part of what makes her, her. She'll get a kick out of this one!

(Experimental Jewellry Club, $39)

9. Wink of Pink Shop Madelyn Leaf Bracelet


This sparkly rose gold bracelet in a pretty leaf pattern is perfect for a mom with a spring birthday who just happens to love rose gold. We're with her! Sure, silver and gold are awesome, but this one will be super unique and special.

(Wink of Pink, $42)

10. Jemma Sands Rose Quartz Drop Earrings

We love these unique sweet tear drop rose quartz earrings. This gemstone is said to bring hope and enhances feminine energies, sensitivity and intuition. A perfect addition to mom’s next outfit, and a way of letting her know you see all those qualities that make her special.


(Jemma Sands, $115)

For the mom who who deserves self-care...

11. KISS USA Instawave

The KISS USA Instawave uses ceramic ionic technology for shiny, frizz-free curls with just the touch of a button. Getting ready for her next event, or everyday, mom can be glam-ready in no time! This is also travel friendly, which we can't appreciate enough. Ever try to touch up your hair using hotel hair tools? No way.


(Kiss USA, $49.99)

12. Derma E Pamper Gift Set

If you aren’t sure exactly what type of skincare mom would like best, give her a bit of everything! The Pamper Gift Set contains four top sellers to pamper, cleanse, hydrate, nourish and protect the skin.

The purifying mask purges pores of deeply rooted toxins, then exfoliates away micro-pollutants for purely glowing skin. Nourishing Rose Cleansing Oil leaves your skin feeling superbly moisturized, along with an improved soft and dewy appearance. The Overnight Peel brightens your skin and with every use, skin tone becomes more radiant-looking, pigmentation is evened and age spots appear to diminish. The Vitamin C Serum delivers antioxidant protection and essential hydration.


(Derma E, $9.95)

13. Georgette Klinger Travel Skincare Kit

Give mom a gift set that will remind her of one of her favorite beauty brands growing up. Georgette Klinger’s skincare kit includes three travel size items that will make moms travels a bit more luxurious. (Includes a toner, makeup remover and cleansing milk — and a great travel bag!) All products are made in the USA and are cruelty free.



14. Olverum Bath Oil

Olverum offers a luxurious way to unwind, soothe aching muscles, relieve stress, and promote a restorative sleep that can help revive a tired immune system. Enveloping you in its intoxicating unisex fragrance, Olverum is a sumptuous indulgence that leaves your skin silken, your mind calm, and your body refreshed. It's a unique and luxurious aromatic blend of essential oils which combine to ease stress and relax tension in both mind and body, bringing you back to your complete and natural self.


(Aillea, $52)

For the crafty mom...

15. DMC 'DIY Style Embroidery' Kit

For the mom who loves to cross stitch, DMC makes it foolproof with a “magic paper” kit. Simply stick the pattern onto a tote, a hooped wall hanging, a t-shirt, or anything else, and start stitching! When you’re done, get the fabric wet and the pattern will magically disappear. It’s never been easier, and comes with everything you need: the pattern, the thread, and an embroidery needle.


(, $6.99)

16. Wool and the Gang Oh La La Kit

A crochet and macramé kit to create a one-of-a-kind plant hanger is a perfect gift for the crafty mom. Either make it for her for a homemade touch or give her the kit to work on herself.

(Wool and the Gang, $40)

17. Dani Naturals Reed Diffuser in Coconut Hibiscus


A flame free alternative that slowly diffuses all natural fragrance throughout the home. A beautiful addition to her bathroom or work area, this will add a scent that will not overpower, but will make everything just a little bit lighter and fresher.


18. Chasing Paper x 'Wine Down' Art Print


Mom loves her happy hour, and we love that about her. This affordable and fun art print is for the mom who loves to imbibe. Sure, you could just buy her wine, but this one will last a lot longer.

(Chasing Paper, $30)

19. Skeem Design Citronella Sea Salt Candle

For the mom who spends time outdoors and wants to keep the bugs away, this gorgeous candle breaks the mold by offering a citronella scent combined with ocean air and sea salt with hints of jasmine. Simply put? It smells as good as it looks!


(Skeem Shop, $46)

20. Meridian Cotton Throw Blanket

Summer days sometimes lead to chilly nights when the sun goes down. This is a beautiful handwoven throw that's perfect for a bed, sofa, or to tote along as a picnic blanket. this is timeless and will be around for years to come. She may even pass it down to you and your children one day.


(Meridian NY, $100)

21. Gibson & Dehn Rhubarb and Quince Candle and Diffuser

This handmade candle and diffuser smell fresh, fruity, and bright. Plus, the elevated packaging means you don’t have to wrap it. We love everything about this, including that intoxicating scent.

(Gibson and Dehn$38-$44)


For the arty mom...

22. Sunflower Hand-Painted Wine Glass

Vibrant sunflowers make a great addition to any tabletop or wine cabinet, and are the perfect reflection of your moms sunny personality. The one-of-a-kind goblet is handblown from soda lime glass, then painted by hand with a striking sunflower pattern. It will be perfect for sharing a glass of wine at the end of a long day.

(Pier1, $8.95)


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23. Teak Wood Brown Combination Tray

With a combination of resin, teak and brass, not only is this the perfect piece for everyday use, it can also be used to bring your mom breakfast in bed on her special day. She'll think of you and all you've done for her every time she looks at it!


(Pier1, $79.95)

24. Felt Flower 5x7 Desk Photo Frame

Chances are your mom still has that picture of you on her desk at work from when you were five. Use this adorable frame to showcase more recent family memories. Make it even more fun by choosing a photo she may not already have to put in the frame when you present her with the gift.


(Pier1, $9.95)

25. 'Love You to the Moon' Mug

Does she love her morning coffee? We all do, and this adorable mug is a sweet reminder to let your mom know how you really feel about her, even when you forget to say it out loud. She may take it to work and smile every time she takes a sip, and she'll have you to thank.


(Pier1, $8.95)

26. Wildflowers in Vase Art

Boasting vibrant color and a modern vibe, this painting boosts the energy level in any room. Don’t be surprised if your mom feels inclined to stop and smell — er, look at — the flowers. It'll make even the most understated of rooms feel just a bit sunnier, even on the rainiest of days.


(Pier1, $49.95)

For the mom who cooks...

27. Caffè Umbria Coffee Gift Subscription

You always want your mother to have the very best, and Caffè Umbria’s coffees offer a luxury drinking experience at home and can be found in high end establishments like select Four Seasons and Viceroy Hotels, the Bellagio in Las Vegas, and more. Plus, the coffee is delivered right to her home or office, saving her time while also providing her with a little gourmet treat.


(Caffe Umbria, $58.95-$251.40)

28. Nourishment: A 5-Year Journal of Taste Memories

This journal was designed to give you a place to track the foods you eat, preserve the experiences that surround them, and reflect on the meals you’ve made, shared, savored, skipped. Use the journal any way you choose. Simply turn to today’s date and start writing: a grocery list, a recipe, a sentence about the new restaurant you tried, or any other taste memory you can think of.



29. Royal Doulton Coffee Studio French Press

What mom doesn’t love (or need) coffee? Mom can become a barista in her own kitchen with this French Press. Accompanied with instructions for the ideal brew, the aroma of full flavored pressed coffee will fill your home. Partially dipped in a gray glaze and packaged in a stylish craft box.


(Royal Doulton, $49.99)

30. Red Velvet NYC DIY Dessert Subscription

For the mom who loves to bake, Red Velvet NYC will fulfill all her needs, from monthly desserts at different level of difficulties, or an activity she can do to wind down after a crazy week. Meal kits are all the rage right now, and consider this to be something of the Blue Apron of dessert. We're into it!


(Red Velvet NYC, $49/month)

For the fashionista mom...

31. Yummie 6-in-1 Shaping Tank

The 6-in-1 shaping tank features moveable built-in compression panels that give control where she wants it most. With the 6-in-1 versatility, that's shaping power in the front, back, or all around coverage under any type of clothing. She’ll look good in everything she wears, and that’s the best gift ever.

(Yummie, $58)

32. Thursday Boots 'Downtown in Daisy'

Something mom needs but probably won’t buy herself is a quality pair of booties that can be worn all year long. The Downtown in Daisy is casual and perfect for summer or year-round. Thursday is a  premium online  boot and accessories company for men and women, with an amazing variety of styles and colors. The boots have been recognized for their clean aesthetic, high quality, and unbeatable price point.

(Thursday Boots, $149)

33. Ora Delphine Farah Crossbody bag in Daisy

Keep mom young and trendy this Ora Delphine crossbody bag! Yellow is the color of the season and this bag will give mom a stylist accent to her everyday look. Sure, that black or brown or beige bag will get a lot of use, but one with a pop of color will sure to be her new favorite.

(Ora Delphine, $245)

34. Lulu Dharma Canvas Color Block Overnight Bag

Surprise mom with a Lulu Dharma overnight bag packed for a weekend getaway. After all, she deserves some quite time to recharge. And you might just want to borrow this one yourself. It's so cute!

(Lulu Dharma, $88)

35. Kayu Design St. Tropez Tote Bag

This seagrass tote bag with raffia pom poms make for a fun accessory that mom can use for the beach and beyond. Monogram for personalization, if there's a special date or phrase that means something to her, or just put her initials or name. Either way, it's a sweet gift!

(Kayu Design, $125)

36. Initials, Inc. Park Pack Cooler

Great for a picnic, festival, or beach with a pocket to protect your phone from sand or water, this will be SO much better than carrying around lukewarm water on a hot day.

(Initials Inc, $50)

37. Sunday / Monday Hand Block Printed Ibis Bandana

She has long hair she's always trying to get out of her face on a hot day? Us, too! This soft, lightweight accessory helps to complete any outfit, and it'll take no space at all but be there when she needs it.

(Shop Sunday Monday, $40)

38. White House Black Market Beaded Clutch

Does mom enjoy a sexy night out on the town? She'll need a bag to go with it. This silver beaded clutch with satin lining with a removable wrist strap and chain crossbody strap is perfect to wear with her favorite LBD, wherever the evening takes her.

(White House Black Market, $99)

39. Cool Nights Notch Collar Pajama Top & Cool Nights Pajama Pants

We're all about quality PJs that we can wear well into the day after we get out of bed. No one does that better than Soma, and these pajamas are a timeless notch collar pajama top and matching bottom in Soma's signature Cool Nights fabric. Super soft knit for comfort and drape, designed to fit every body.

(Soma, top: $40, bottom: $38)

40. Weatherman Collapsible Umbrella in Limited Edition Pink

The Weatherman collapsible smart umbrella — the most durable umbrella on the market with smart features to alert you when it's about to rain and tell you where you last left it — is now available in the prettiest shade of pink in the perfect dimensions to fit into any tote or commuter bag. 

(Weatherman Umbrella, $59)

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