5 Funny Kids Cartoons You'll Enjoy As Much As Your Children Do

You don't have to be bored while they're entertained.

5 Funny Cartoons For Kids That Parents Love To Watch Too ketan rajput on Unsplash

As a teen aunt, I basically raised my oldest nephew. I was the youngest, and the only one who wasn't working over summer, so babysitting was up to me.

When I tell you that I have seen every episode of Blue's Clues and Sesame Street, I'm not exaggerating. At one point, it felt like I didn't even know what television was anymore

I honestly didn't know what to do. My nephew wouldn't watch anything that was live action yet, so I was stuck with puppets and cartoons. To this day, I still remember the Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood theme song as if I still watch it daily. 


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The shows were driving me crazy and boring me to death, so I decided to do some of my own research (AKA watching a lot of cartoons by myself). I found out there are some hilarious and super entertaining cartoons that are good for the little ones and me. The only con is that I love the shows so much I make my boyfriend watch them with me, even when there are zero kids in sight. 


Expand your little one's interests and save yourself from guessing where Dora is going 27 times per day. These cartoons are sure to make you laugh and keep your kid happy, too. 

1. Paw Patrol.

I have yet to meet a parent who doesn't love Paw Patrol. My cousin first told me about the show, and, luckily, the little ones ended up loving it.

The reason I like it, besides the adorable dogs, they actually give you a ton of really cool animal facts. The show is super cute and your kid will love the fun adventures they go on. 


2. The Amazing World of Gumball.

My dad and I have watched this show and laughed more than the kids did. The show is hilarious, and also super real and relatable. They touch on topics like depression and wanting to fit in all while maintaining a very child-friendly tone.

The animation is amazing, and it's streaming online, so you can watch it anytime. 


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3. We Bare Bears.

I'm not going to lie, I've teared up during a few episodes of this show. It tells the story of three bear brothers that live in the city. It has so many jokes and shows the bears cooking, painting and exercising, which can inspire kids to do the same.

The episodes are pretty short, so they're good for quick car rides or a quick episode before bed. 


4. SpongeBob.

I hope you knew this would be on the list. I watched SpongeBob as a kid, and my nephews all watch it now. Watching old episodes, and even the new ones, together is a great way to bond and get all nostalgic.

Also, the theme song is like one of the best ever made. 

5. Gravity Falls.

This show would is better for the kids who are out of the toddler stage. I watched this on my own because so many people had talked about it, and I actually got my nephew to watch it with me. Easily, this is one of my favorite shows.


The storyline is amazing, and it's filled with magic and monsters. It's really a sweet show about the love between a brother and sister, so it's perfect if you have more than one kid. 

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