7 Nostalgic Cartoon Movies All 90s Kids MUST Show Their Own Families

They might not have all of the special effects or bells and whistles, but these movie have GRIT.

7 Nostalgic Family Movies 90s Kids Should Show Their Kids

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of Elsa and Anna. I enjoy a good Pixar masterpiece, but in my late twenties, I'm finding that I'm ready to explore the vintage works of the 1990s. 

A lot of my friends, both from real life and Facebook, are having kids and I wanted to share some gems with them. I know it's easy to browse Netflix for your garden variety animated movie, but why not dig deeper and share a little bit of your past with your nuggets? Laugh, sing-a-long and even notice jokes that were thrown in to entertain your parents back in the day.


Before there were talking animals in every film, there were talking toasters and other household appliances. Before Zac Efron there was Devon Sawa (if you know, you know; if you don't, find out). Before Olaf, there was a flamboyant troll with a literal green thumb, magical powers and a stellar bouffant hairdo.

Maybe you are looking for the lost works or less-noticed works of Robin Williams. Look no further than the vintage Avatar: FernGully. Here you can also find a hot cartoon teenager with a mullet.

You might even get acquainted with some films you've never heard of. Rock-a-Doodle was actually turned down by Disney. What? Big mistake! Who wouldn't want to watch a small boy, transformed into a kitty, battle an evil owl (voiced by the famous Christopher Plummer) and save an Elvis-impersonating rooster? Not me. 


Serious thought went into the movies of the 90s. While I can't say how they came up with this stuff, I have some ideas. As I'm sure you are finding, these movies really don't get the credit they deserve. The phrase, "They just don't make 'em like they you-sta!" rings loud and true here. 

They might not have all of the special effects or bells and whistles, but these films have grit. Maybe I'll wait until I have kids, or maybe I'll watch them this weekend and will pair these fine movies with a '94 vintage Yoohoo (it never goes bad, right?) and Gushers.

Like the preservatives in 90s lunch snacks, these movies will never go bad. Be kind, please rewind (VCR not included). 


1. The Brave Little Toaster

The Brave Little Toaster IMDB

Before Toy Story, there were household appliances that came to life. It's equally as hard to pick your favorite. Toaster, Blanket, Vacuum, Radio and Lamp all represented personality traits. The best part? You get to explain to your kids what a radio is.


2. The Great Mouse Detective

The Great Mouse Detective IMDB

Tied to the famous stories of Sherlock Holmes, this one will pack the adventure punch, but supply you with just enough adult humor. Think drunken mice and giant mobster rat.


3. Rock-A-Doodle

Rock-A-Doodle IMDB

Chanticleerrrrr! An Elvis-like rooster and a boy who turns into a kitten and still saves the day. Outrageous, but fun!


4. FernGully

FernGully IMDB

Wait, I think this is the animated Avatar, vintage style, but better because Robin Williams voices a character. And we all know that any Robin Williams movie is pure gold.

5. All Dogs Go to Heaven

All Dogs Go to Heaven IMDB

You laugh, you cry, you sing, and even have a strange attraction to a cartoon mutt "bad boy" (maybe that's just me). 


6. Casper

Casper IMDB

OK, so this movie isn't fully animated, but the animations were pretty "advanced" for the 90s. Tweens be warned: Casper (in human form) is a major hottie. You might catch your daughter rewatching the last scene over and over. I did. Rewinding that VHS was hard work. 

7. A Troll Central in Park

A Troll in Central Park Amazon

A flamboyant and friendly red-headed troll who can grow flowers with the touch of his thumb? They just don't make them like this anymore.