Is Kate Middleton Pregnant With Baby #4? New Details On Her Rumored Pregnancy

She's always wanted four children.

Is Kate Middleton Pregnant With Baby #4? New Details On Her Rumored Pregnancy Bart Lenoir /

The world waited for months for Kate Middleton to deliver her third child, and when Price Louis finally graced us with his birth on April 23rd, we thought Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge might be done having kids — at least for a little while. But rumors are already circulating there may be yet another little one on the way.

Is Kate Middleton pregnant with baby #4? She very well may be, at least according to a source close to the family.


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First of all, according to the source, she is exhibiting signs of pregnancy, wearing loose-fitted clothing and craving curry, which she has a hankering for when she’s pregnant. She’s also been eating lavender biscuits that help with morning sickness.


As you may or may not know, Kate suffers from severe morning sickness during her pregnancies, which makes things much more difficult and often leaves her bedridden. She has used ginger biscuits and dry biscuits in the past as remedies.

Second, Kate has apparently always wanted four children to complete her family, though William wants five children. And since she is extremely close to her sister, Pippa, and her brother, James, she wants her children to grow up close in age.

“They’d love to have two boys and two girls. It’s important to Kate for her own children to have a similar bond with their siblings, and she knows it’s more likely to happen if they’re close in age,” the source said. What’s better than growing up with your siblings as your best friends?


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As one can imagine, raising three kids at a time is hard enough, and adding a fourth into the mix would be completely overwhelming. Luckily for Kate, she has plenty of help from her mother, Carole, and their nanny, Maria. She also has William, of course, and he’s been shown to be a doting father. With the assistance of nannies and family members, she could probably have ten children for all we know!

Will Kate do as Queen Elizabeth did and have four children? It could be very likely. After giving birth to Charlotte in 2015, Kate joked that within a year of her birth she felt “broody” and would need to “have a word with William,” which they clearly did since ... you know.


It’s only been two months since the family welcomed Louis, so Kate wouldn't be very far along at all. Let’s just hope she gets the complete family dynamic she’s always wanted.

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