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4 Reasons Why Aries Men Need To Spend Time Out With Their Guy Friends, According To Astrology

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4 Reasons Why The Aries Male Needs His Guy Friendships, Per Astrology

We all know that one guy who acts like hanging out with women is a chore. Whether it be your boyfriend, best friend, or brother, what's up with these guys?

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If you reflect on the guys who had "no girls allowed" clubhouses and the ones who would never be caught dead in a Victoria's Secret, you'll probably see that there's a clear pattern; They're all probably Aries.

I know it sounds weird, in general men get more out of their bromances than romantic relationships, but look at the facts. Being the best in the room and being an Aries go hand in hand. 

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Every Aries man loves to be in charge and make things happen. When it comes down to it, if an Aries hasn't won something in a few days, they can feel like they're going crazy or losing their edge. 

They want someone who they think will be a worthy opponent and even match. Their levels of aggression can run a little high and being surrounded by people who match those levels is great for them.

Since men are more aggressive, they make the perfect match for each other. It goes way beyond that though, there's a lot to the Aries than what meets the eye, it has to do with his zodiac sign.

Here are three reasons why Aries men prefer male friendships over female ones and sometimes chooses his guy friends over time with you, per astrology.

1. Aries men love competition with other males.

They are constantly looking to be better than someone. An Aries has a strong competitive streak, and want someone they can race or arm wrestle or play fight with at any moment. That's not necessarily something they want to do with a girl, probably for some sexist reason.

If they feel like you're letting them win or that they weren't able to show off some of their skills, then they don't care about the win. They have an intense need to be the best and be number one in all things, which leads me to our next point. 

2. They love taking on leadership roles and the bond that comes with male success stories.

Any Aries will tell you straight up that they always chose to be the leader for group projects in school. When they can feel like the Alpha Male, they want to be surrounded by other males. Wanting to show everyone who the boss only matters to them if everyone around them was also vying for that spot. When it comes to their desire to lead other people, it's more about being looked up to and ordering people around than it is helping people and solving a problem. 

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3. They struggle to find the perfect girl, and they can discuss this with other men and not appear weak.

Sometimes they want more than they can actually have. Being around women when they feel like they aren't compatible with any of them can really upset them. When they're just around the guys it's easy to talk about how women are crazy and they just don't make em like they used to.

It seems very superficial on the surface, but this ties into the underlying fear that they'll never find anyone who truly makes them happy. The man with an Aries horoscope sign would rather avoid women altogether than face them constantly and have to wonder if they're going to be alone forever. 

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4. He needs praise, and their male friends understand that a pat on the back is often enough.

I know this one sounds weird, but it makes sense when you break it down. As a girlfriend, your praise and compliments should be something he appreciates and looks forward to, but he doesn't want to feel like you're saying it just to say it.

Remember that whole "Worthy opponent" thing? Yeah, this guy wants to know the person praising him is on his caliber. His girlfriend or sister or mom giving him a few compliments isn't going to make him feel more valid the way that another guy at the gym would. It also doesn't help that they don't like to feel like they're getting babied, which is why a compliment from you will feel different than a compliment from his boss. 

In the end, don't take it personally. These firstborn babies expect nothing but the most real and the best. If they feel like they're being coddled or not having to put forth maximum effort, they're going to feel like their wasting their time. A male counterpart to hang out with and go head to head with every once in a while is what makes the Aries feel his best. So for once, it's really not you, it's him. 

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