What You See First In This Image Reveals The Very Best Thing About You

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What You See First In This Image Reveals The Very Best Thing About You

Every one of us has our own unique dominant set of personality traits, and no matter who you are, among them lies those that make up the very best parts of who you are. That's why psychology so often relies on the way we each interpret optical illusions when it comes to exploring people's various perceptions of both themselves and others.

In particular, self-esteem isn't always an easy thing for many of us to get a grip on.

You may know that learning to fall in love with yourself, believe in yourself, and feel confident with yourself when you walk into a room is important for both your personal and professional lives, but while there are plenty of tips and tricks you can learn in order to build your self-esteem, sometimes it still feels like your sense of worth is something that is just totally beyond your control.

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In some respects, that's totally true. Part of being a happy and healthy human being in the world is learning that some things are beyond your control.

From bad weather the day you've got a big outdoor party planned, to a friend losing their temper and saying something they don't mean to you, there are a lot of external factors that exist on a daily basis that can test your ability to love yourself and the contributions you make to the world.

Ironically, one way to help shore up your self-esteem in the face of these kind of external threats is to focus on the aspects of yourself that are good, great, and wonderful.

Of course, when you're in the thick of a tough situation or feeling like your confidence isn't where it should be, sometimes this is easier said than done. It can be challenging to take an internal inventory even in the best of times, but finding the ability to reflect on what makes you rock most when your confidence is low can feel downright impossible.

That's where I come in! I've pulled together this quick and easy personality test to help you identify the greatest thing about yourself so that you'll always have that information handy, and taking it couldn't be easier.

All you have to do is look at the picture below and make a mental note of the image that first catches your eye.

Then, scroll down to find out what this optical illusions-based test says is your best personality trait (so you can go ahead and fall more in love with yourself right now)!

If you saw ...

1. The bearded man

If the first thing you saw was the bearded man, your best personality trait is persistence.

Whether it's working on a project that fulfills a life-long dream, or helping a friend who might be too timid to ask for what they deserve, you never back down from something you view as important you.

People who don't appreciate you may call this your "stubborn" streak, but in reality, your dedication to sticking to a plan until your goal is achieved is your greatest asset. Don't be afraid to use it!

2. The artist

If the first thing you saw was the artist, your best personality trait is imagination.

We're often taught to think of the imagination as the sole provenance of children and artists, and while both love to play in that particular arena, this doesn't mean you have to belong to either group to have a boundless imagination.

People love spending time with you because you include them in your imaginative world. It makes your stories engaging and your interest in the lives of the people around you all the more keen.

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3. The masked figure

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If the first thing you saw was the masked figure, your best personality trait is eloquence.

While people around you often struggle with miscommunications and trying to figure out exactly what they mean, your mind and your tongue are always in sync. You're well-spoken, thoughtful, and can use your words to get out of almost any jam. You put your money where your mouth is and it always pays off.

Chances are someone's said you have a big mouth and it hurt your feelings. It shouldn't, they were envious. The next time someone tries that reply with a quick, "Yeah, what of it?" That will put them in their place.

4. The crowd of people

If the first thing you saw was the crowd of people, your best personality trait is passion, especially for connecting with other people.

You may not be an introvert, but you may not necessarily be an extrovert either, because while spending time in groups of people tires you, it's also what nourishes your soul. You believe the reason we are all here on planet Earth is to get to know each other a little bit better.

You brighten everyone's day with your smile, and when you're in a room that's when the party gets really interesting. You aren't willing to simply get to know people in a surface way. You want true connections, and you have the meaningful friendships to prove it.

Never forget, no matter how dark things may seem you are one of a kind, an original, and the world is better for having you in it.

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Rebecca Jane Stokes is a writer living in Brooklyn, New York with her cat, Batman.