Cake Boss Buddy Valastro Weight Loss Photos — Including New Details On How He Did It

He looks great!

Cake Boss Buddy Valastro Weight Loss Photos — Including New Details On How He Did It Debby Wong /

We know Buddy Valastro as the hilarious baker from the hit TLC show Cake Boss, and as the owner of Carlo’s Bakery. The show followed the bakery’s requests to make unique cakes and had a little bit of family drama in there as well. 


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Since the show, Valastro has opened up 17 more bakeries thanks to the show, with seven locations in New Jersey and the rest throughout the United States. He even opened his own restaurant in Las Vegas called Buddy V’s.


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But over the last few months, he’s gone through a significant change, and these Buddy Valastro weight loss photos show just how big of a transformation we can all see.

Good for him! The change is incredible and it seems like he’s worked extremely hard to lose the weight and keep it off.


Valastro is using the Optavia program, which instills good habits into their clients’ daily lives and helps them attain an ongoing healthy lifestyle. Clients answer a questionnaire, talk with a coach, and pick a meal plan; they have six small meals a day with portion control and healthy snacking. The best part is, like he said, it’s something that works for him.

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He told People magazine he cooks at home most of the time and keeps a refrigerator stocked with food for last-minute meals. Which is great because dining out can often contribute to weight gain, as opposed to cooking clean meals yourself. After all, you know where your fresh ingredients come from, right?


Being a celebrity chef, it can’t be easy to lose weight. But Valastro isn’t the only food lover who has gone through a change.

Last summer, Duff Goldman, who you may remember from Ace of Cakes, shed pounds by eating clean and working out. And chefs Gordon Ramsay and Michael White both lost weight and made life changes.

Valastro looks great, and he feels great, which is the best result you can ask for. And as for baking those cakes, we’re sure he’s overcome the temptation to eat every single delicious thing he makes.


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