New Mariah Carey Weight Loss Photos And How She Lost All The Weight

She looks better than ever.

new Mariah Carey weight loss photos instagram

New Mariah Carey weight loss photos! Mariah Carey has always been a knock-out, with her curvaceous figure becoming a #goals-worthy accomplishment for any woman. But over the years, Carey has been feeling down about her appearance, with her weight constantly fluctuating. Being in the public eye isn’t easy, especially when you’re scrutinized for every pound gained or lost.

After undergoing a gastric sleeve surgery in November 2017, which shrinks the stomac, and starting a diet with exercise, as the Mariah Carey weight loss photos prove, she’s 50 pounds lighter, slimmer, and healthier than ever!


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The iconic singer appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night, debuting her new body in a skin-tight black dress.


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Before the show, Carey posted a photo on Instagram of her on the way to film. It’s clear she’s extremely happy with her new look and took the opportunity to show others how much she’s feeling herself. Which is great, because confidence in your appearance is extremely important to your well-being, especially when you’re as high-profile as Carey.


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The best part about all of this is that Carey is finally back in the studio, making music we can all enjoy. As she explained to Kimmel, “I’ve been working every night until like 5 AM.” Plus, she’ll be returning to Las Vegas in July.

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Though she’s currently dating 35-year-old dancer Bryan Tanaka, sources say that her ex-husband Nick Cannon is floored by her transformation. The two have twins together, 7-year-old Moroccan and Monroe.

One source close to Cannon said, “Nick thinks Mariah looks amazing again and her new look is sexy... Mariah’s sexy new curves remind Nick of how she looked when they first started dating and before she had babies. Now that she has her groove back, Nick is missing her like never before.”

Who could blame him? She looks absolutely incredible. And the fact that she’s eating healthy again and doesn’t deprive herself of indulgences (like red wine) make her weight loss even sweeter.

So what exactly inspired Carey to take measures into her own hands and shed the weight? Jennifer Lopez, apparently.


Though Carey has said multiple times that she doesn’t know Lopez — as made famous on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen — rumors are swirling she realized Lopez is thriving at the age of 50 and needed to make some changes. The source said, “She is close to 50 years old and instead of letting it all go she sees people like J.Lo thriving at the same age.”

Yet another source said, “Things were getting a little out of control with her weight and she really didn’t like how things were going. And she knows she has an image to uphold, a young boyfriend and, most importantly, kids that are growing up that she wants to be around for in the near and far future. So she decided to make a change for the better and for her future.”

Whatever the reasons for her transformation, we’re just glad she’s feeling great about herself again and is making healthy choices for her future, as well as her children’s.


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