Gabourey Sidibe Weight Loss Photos — Including How She Did It

She looks stunning!

Gabourey Sidibe Weight Loss Photos

Actress Gabourey Sidibe revealed she had weight loss surgery two years ago and let us be among the first to tell you that the 35-year-old actress is looking amazing! Yesterday the Precious star took to Instagam to share her progress with her fans. We have to give her major props for spreading a body positivity message and sharing it with her fans. Let's take a look at her journey and Gabourey Sidibe weight loss photos so far. 


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1. She had weight loss surgery.

Gabourey had laparscopic bariatric surgery. It's a minimally invasive procedure. There are several different kinds of bariatric surgery. All are designed for people who are obese and result in rapid and significant weight loss. 


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2. Why did she do it?

The Empire star revealed she made the decision to get the surgery after she and her older brother were both diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. She told People: "I just didn't want to worry. I truly didn't want to worry about all the effects that go along with diabetes. I genuinely (would) worry all the time about losing my toes."

3. She has struggled with her weight her whole life. 

Gabourey has been open with her struggles with eating disorders and failed diets. Last year, she told Nylon, "And yeah, I have been struggling with weight my entire life. I realize that as long as I have a body, it will be a struggle."


4. Hollywood can be brutal.

Gabourey has more than proven herself in her acting career. She was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress for Precious, after all! But still, she realized her size was holding her back when she overheard a Hollywood executive say that she was too big to be on a magazine cover. 


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5. Her message of body positivity.

Gabourey works out and eats healthy. But she's not sharing the number on the scale. After all 150 lbs looks entirely different on each person. She said: "My starting weight and my goal weight, they’re personal."

6. Don't congratulate her.

In an episode of Robin Robert's podcast Everybody's Got Something, Gabourey said she doesn't need to be congratulated for her weight loss.“You don’t need to congratulate me on it. You don’t congratulate me every time I blow my nose. I needed to. It’s my body. Mind your own body.” She wants to be recognized for her talent, not her body. 


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