12 Of The Best Father's Day Gifts For Your Boyfriend — That Are Just As Awesome As He Is

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Boyfriends
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Finding a good Father’s Day gift for your boyfriend can be challenging. Do you get a present that's romantic, practical, fun, or just something you know he’s going to love?

Getting a great Father's Day gift for the dad your dating shouldn't be too hard.... right? 

It can be as simple as putting a romantic spin on something he loves (like get him some merch from his favorite superhero and write something cute equating him to “your hero” on the packaging). When you’re in love, the best Father's Day gift idea doesn’t have to be complicated — all it has to be is from the heart. 

Whether you decide to go romantic, fun, practical, or just downright enjoyable with your present this year, we've got you covered.

Here are the 12 best Father's Day gifts ideas for 2018:

1. Personalized Leather Wallet

Personalized Mens Leather Wallett, Amazon.com

Get him something that tells him how much you love him and that will remind him of you through out each and every day.

2. Stars Wars Droid Inventor Kit

Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit, Amazon.com

Get your favorite Star Wars nerd this R2-D2 toy that will connect to his smartphone.

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3. Batman Steering Wheel Cover

Batman Steering Wheel Cover, Amazon.com

Get this sexy and sleek steering wheel cover for your favorite guy.

4. Burger Pillow

Yummy World x Shake Shack Exclusive Shack Burger Plush, Amazon.com

For the hamburger-lover in your life, get him this adorable plush hamburger pillow to snuggle with at night. It’s funny and it’s cute — both things that will remind him of you *wink, wink*.

5. Superman Socks

DC Comics Men's Superman Costume Crew Sock With Cape, Amazon.com

Remind him that he’s your super hero with these quirky and fun Superman socks!

6. Tetris Bow Tie

Pop Sqr 90s Classics Bow Tie, Amazon.com

If he's a 90's baby, this classic Tetris-inspired bowtie will make the ultimate Father's Day gift for the quirky dad you're dating.

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7. Beer Cap Shooter/Bottle Opener

Bottle Opener Cap Launcher Shooter, Amazon.com

For the fun-loving guy, get him his favorite 6-pack of beer, along with this playful bottle opener set, to make this Father's Day one to remember. The opener serves as a mini shooter that uses the bottle caps as ammo, so get ready for a beer war to ensure!

8. “Size Matters” Hat

Funny Size Matters Fishing Hat, Amazon.com 

If your man is into fishing, get him this hilarious trucker hat! It’s a little flirty, with a lot of laughs.

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9. Bears vs. Babies Game

Bears vs. Babies Card Game, Amazon.com

From the creator of “Exploding Kittens” comes a new game: Bears vs Babies! In this creative card game, you build your own wacky “monsters” that battle each other. It's suitable for kids 10 and up, so get the whole family involved in a hilarious Father's Day game night.

10. Pickle Rick Figurine

Funko Pop Animation Morty-Pickle Rick Collectible Figure, Amazon.com

Where are my fellow Rick and Morty fans at? If your man is into this funny and wacky show, get him this figurine from the classic episode where Rick turns himself into a pickle (it sounds stupid, but it’s actually one of the top 5 episodes of the show).

11. Oxford Bleu Fragrance Gift Set

English Laundry Oxford Bleu Fragrance Gift Set, Amazon.com

This Father's Day, give him a timeless fragrance set to show you care and want to treat him to something nice. Be sure to comment on how good he smells when he wears it!

12. Karaoke Machine

CDG Karaoke System with Bluetooth and Disco Lights, Amazon.com

Another great gift for the fun-loving guy! Get him this awesome karaoke machine that has everything he needs for a living room karaoke party!

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