The Best Father's Day Gift Ideas For Every Type Of Dad, Based On His Personality

11 Best Unique Happy Father's Day Gift Ideas For 2018 For Your Dad's Personality Type

When it comes to picking out the best Father's Day gifts for dads, it can be hard to find something as original and totally awesome as he is. After all, dads come in all shapes and sizes, so what works to say, "Happy Father's Day!" for your bestie's dad won't necessarily work for yours.

So how do you go about finding a unique Father's Day gift that totally fits your dad's personality type?

Start by thinking of all the things you love about him.

Does he pick at the strings of his guitar after family dinners? Is he always telling you about a new hiking trail he discovered? Or is he seriously the geekiest guy you know with a full-blown collection of Star Wars figurines?

These adorable quirks are what make your dad special, which is why they're the perfect starting point for finding a Father's Day present that he can truly enjoy!


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This list of the best unique Father's Day gifts ideas for dads of every personality type can help you find the perfect present for your Pops in 2018:

For Techy Dads...​

Keyboard Waffle Iron,

Who wouldn't enjoy starting their work day off with a high-tech waffle? This cool little gizmo makes the prospect of going to work a little more fun.


For Star Wars-Loving Dads...

Best Dad In The Galaxy,

The best gift for the galaxy's best dad! You know your dad is the both the greatest and the geekiest, so he'll absolutely love this shirt.


For Sporty Dads...

Mug With A Goalpost Football,

Everyone knows that your dad is the biggest sports junkie, especially when it comes to football. It een has a goalpost attached to the mug so he can literally play with his food and get in touch with his inner child. (Not that he needed help in the first place....)


For Nerdy Dads...

Floppy Disk Drink Coasters,

We'll bet your dad still remembers when floppy disks were a thing! These coasters bring back nostalgia in a fun way and are the perfect addition to any tech-loving dad's home or office.


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For Outdoorsy Dads...

Osprey Raptor 14 Hydration Pack,

Your dad is adventurous and loves spending time in the great outdoors experiencing nature. This hydration pack has an organizer pocket, side compression straps, and lid lock attachment for helmets and flashlights so he can conveniently tote all the supplies he needs on his journeys.


For Handy Dads...

Multitool Camping Survival Hammer,

This multi-purpose tool comes with everything a handy dad needs. It's pliers, wire cutters, screwdriver and other elements are all made of durable stainless steel, so they're tough enough to stand up to any task.


For Silly Dads...

Arnold & the Puffs Cheese Puffs Plush,

This gift is excellent for the dad who loves a good laugh — and cheese puffs! He can finally show the world just how he loves junk food with this playful set, which contains nine individual cheese puff plushes. And if cheese puffs aren't his thing, there are tons of other silly foods to choose from.


For Foodie Dads...

Knife Set with Unique Red Holder,

One of the best things about this knife holder is how much fun it is! It adds humor to the kitchen and is a great attention grabber. Whether your dad is into knives (?) or just loves to cook, he'll get a kick out of this practical gift.


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For Fashion-Forward Dads...

Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch,

Classiness and style is your dad's number one priority! This leather smartwatch, which is copatible with both Android and iPhones, will help him keep track of all his daily activities while looking the part.


For Guitar-Playing Dads...

I couldn't Pick a Better Dad Guitar Pick,

No musician can compare to your father in your eyes. After all, you've been a fan of his tunes ever since you were a child. This precious pick is customizable and comes in different colors, too.


For Every Dad...

Wayfarer Sunglasses,

Your father has places to go and people to meet. He needs to look good while being out and about which is exactly what these pair of sunglasses do. They will make him look even more devilishly handsome, if that's even possible.


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