9 Totally Unique Father’s Day Gifts That Will Make Him LOL

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funny unique Father's Day gifts ideas

Whether you're shopping for your dad, boyfriend, husband or any other special father in your life, you know they don't want another tie or shaving kit for Father's Day. This year, nail your unique Father's Day gift idea by getting him a funny present that will make him LOL.

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Here are 9 of the best funny and unique Father's Day gifts ideas that silly dads of all ages will love:

1. Silly Socks

Beer Socks, 

Hilarious and comfy — win-win. Just make sure you're willing to follow through on the beer run request that's printed on the bottom of both feet before you buy 'em!

2. “Dad Bod” Fanny Pack

Dad Bag Fanny Pack, 

For the dad with a great sense of humor (and lots of things to carry)! Get him this hilarious fanny back that pokes fun at the traditional dad psyche.

3. Toupee Temporary Tattoos

Temporary Toupee Tattoos Novelty Gift, 

Make light of the fact that he may not have the full head of hair he used to with these hysterical toupee temporary tattoos. Remind him that’s it’s OK to laugh at an aging body. After al, he’ll always have you by his side (even if his hair isn't quite so loyal).

4. Taco Two-sdays Attire

Taco & Taquito Infant Bodysuit & Men's T-Shirt Matching Set, Starting at $19.95,

For the first-time dads, celebrate the occasion with these matching “Taco” and “Taquito” shirts for him and his new pride and joy.

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5. Millennium Falcon Cufflinks

Millennium Falcon Cufflinks, $12.99,

These Millennium Falcon cufflinks let him show off his Star Wars fan status at the office. He may be a dork, but he’s the best dad in the world — which makes him totally a-dork-able in your book.

6. Ace of Spades Bottle Opener

Credit Card Size Casino Poker Bottle Opener, $4.99,

For the dad that enjoys playing card (and always having a bottle opener ready to go); get him this ace of spades bottle open perfect for his next “poker night."

7. Applause On-Demand

Accoutrements Instant Audience, $13.80,

Give your dad a round of applause this Father’s Day by getting him a noise maker that will do just that. Plus, it also makes cricket noises for him to totally zing your little brother later *wink, wink*.

8. Oreo Gift Basket

Oreo Gift Box, $14.98,

Because who doesn’t love Oreos?!

9. Book of Dad Jokes


Dad Jokes: Terribly Good Dad Jokes, $5.73,

Get him a book that will make him laugh! Instead of the traditional greeting card that will cost the same. Tip: Be sure to still write something sentimental in the cover.

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