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New Details About How Ariana Grande Is Secretly Dating Pete Davidson From SNL

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New Details About How Ariana Grande Is Secretly Dating Pete Davidson from SNL

Ariana Grande has reportedly moved on from Mac Miller and is now dating Saturday Night Live' s Pete Davidson.

Sources told Bossip Grande is seeing Davidson, who is also newly single.

Grande and her former boyfriend Mac Miller announced they had broken up just two weeks ago but remain close friends, TMZ reported at the time. They had been dating since August 2016. 

On Thursday night, Davidson revealed that he and his now ex-girlfriend, Cazzie, had split.

“We’re not together anymore,” Davidson confirmed on Peter Rosenberg’s Complex show Open Late. “Very talented girl, she’ll be great and she’ll be fine. Yeah, I think she’ll be okay.”

He didn’t specify when or why he and Cazzie decided to go their separate ways, but Cazzie posted a friendly picture of herself and Davidson enjoying cotton candy just two weeks prior to the interview.



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Grande, Miller, Davidson and Cazzie’s timeline of love is enough to confuse anyone. It all happened so fast.

The news that she is dating Davidson has raised some questions about Mac and Grande’s relationship. It has only been two weeks since they called it quits due to busy schedule — could it have been because of Davidson?

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Whether or not Davidson had anything to do with their split, Miller is not taking the breakup well.

He is reportedly “heartbroken” and was caught driving drunk and fleeing the scene when he crashed his car into a pole on May 17, Hollywood Life reports.

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“Mac is heartbroken over the rumors that Ariana is dating Pete Davidson, it’s tearing him apart,” a source close to Miller told the outlet. “Mac feels like he put everything into their relationship, and if Ariana was cheating on him then it’s like a serious slap in the face.”

Although Grande insisted the two are still friends and said that she is determined to avoid making things weird between her and Miller, — which is a good move seeing as they have collaborated on many songs together — they have unfollowed each other on Instagram. 

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“Mac has really been struggling since their split, he loved Ariana with all his heart, and would have laid his life on the line for her,” the source continued. “If it does turn out to be true, and she is with Pete, it’s going to make Mac question everything he thought they had together, and if he ever really knew Ariana.”

Neither Grande not Davidson have confirmed their rumored relationship, though she may have more than one reason to appear on SNL’s next episode on Saturday.



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Nicki Minaj asked the “No Tears Left To Cry” singer to come on the show with her in the comments of an Instagram post.

The Billboard Music Awards on Sunday could confirm Grande and Davidson are dating — if they show up together, that is.

Neither of them has commented on the rumor. 

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