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What You Hate Most About Being Single, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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What Each Zodiac Sign In Astrology Hates Most About Being Single


You cannot stand being single because you enjoy the thrill and chase of dating.

When in love, you’re driven and you pursue the love of your life tirelessly and relentlessly, refusing to give up until they decide to give you the time of day. The truth is you’re hard to ignore and easy to love. You’ll whisk your lover to a romantic getaway and make passionate declarations in the heat of the moment. You secretly enjoy the excitement to the mundane reality of a relationship.

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You cannot stand to be single, as you want to find your soulmate.

You believe in the happy ending that exists in fairy tales and all the cheesy romantic stuff. You genuinely believe in the idea of soulmates and you’re excited to find yours and cannot wait to build your forever with them. With the positive qualities that you possess, you’re an attractive catch to anyone who’s looking your way. You’re willing to take your time to find the right one because you just know you’ll meet them eventually.

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You cannot stand to be single because everyone else around you is attached.

Honestly, you still feel like a child sometimes and adulting confuses you. You don’t know what you want and that includes love. You think you really like this person, yet your heart races at the thought of another. You’re fickle-minded and you should really stay single for a while, but when you see all your friends happily attached, you find yourself being involved with another one of your baes before you know it.

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You cannot stand to be single, as you want to settle down eventually.

Getting married and having kids are your biggest life goals and you know that you would do anything to make them happen. Even if it means putting yourself out of your comfort zone and meeting strangers for coffee and going on blind dates when they physically exhaust you to no end. To you, building a home and creating an emotional bond means everything, and all will be worth it in the end.

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You cannot stand to be single because you crave the attention that only a significant other can give.

You require 24/7 care and affection that you know none of your friends or family can provide. You need good morning and good night texts to know that someone is always thinking of you. You need someone who can drop everything to be with you, simply because they care for you that much. You adore being adored. You long for love to fill the void in your heart in the way that it can.

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You cannot stand to be single because you like to take care of others.

There is something so pure and selfless of you to constantly want to be of service to others. You always put your partner’s needs ahead of yours. This is especially apparent when you get into a relationship and you show your devotion to your partner from your loving acts to your encouraging words and good advice. This persistence and endurance of you not to give up on your person will tide you through the hard times and prove yourself as a worthy partner.

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You cannot stand to be single as you have so much love to give.

The instinct to love and give love is innate inside you—one that more often than not, you can’t ignore. You’re the happiest when you’re in a relationship and you may feel incomplete without a significant other by your side. Your emotional need to depend on another for happiness is highest on your agenda when you’re single. This causes you to rush into a relationship you’re not ready for or to be with someone that is totally wrong for you.

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You cannot stand to be single as you long for someone who understands you.

For you, there’s no such thing as a balance or gray area. It’s simply black or white, love or hate. You live your life in the extremes and more often than not, you find life exhausting. As a deeply private and mysterious sign, it’s difficult for you to get close to anyone and find the deep connection that you’re seeking for. At the end of the day, you just want someone to offer you the emotional support you require but will never ask for.

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You cannot stand to be single because you want to share your life with someone.

It’s clearly obvious that your life doesn’t revolve around finding love and falling in love. You just find it a wonderful addition to your already fulfilling and exciting life. You’re utterly passionate and enthusiastic about truly living your best life and you expect no less from love. You’re an adventurer and love is your biggest adventure yet.

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You cannot stand to be single when you meet the right person.

You’re okay with being single and you actually prefer to be single, as you’re cautious about getting hurt. That’s why you’ll slowly bide your time and wait patiently for the right person. However, the minute you know them and once you make sure that they’re the one, you cannot wait to get together with them and make a serious commitment towards them—one that will last a lifetime.

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You cannot stand to be single only because you’re against anything causal.

You don’t believe in flings or one night stands, as you think they’re meaningless and a waste of time. Independent and individualistic, you’re a lone wolf at heart and you enjoy being by yourself. You’re not looking for merely a lover who makes you feels all fuzzy inside. What you’re looking for is a best friend and lover all rolled into one. You don’t go for looks—you are attracted to their mind.

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You cannot stand to be single as you’re afraid to be alone.

Forever an optimist and a hopeless romantic, every part of you is drawn to love and it is a fact that you detest being single. You crave for love like the air you breathe and you need to be needed. This proves to be your downfall, as you tend to fall for the wrong people and stay in toxic relationships just so you won’t have to be alone. You struggle to love yourself, preferring to put your heart and soul into a lover, even when they are unworthy of your affection.

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