New Details About The Two Women Who Abducted And Sexually Assaulted A 14-Year-Old Boy They Met On Xbox Live

They drove 13 hours to find him.

Kristen Aragon, Melissa Goelz San Juan County Adult Detention Center

Two women are under arrest after police say they abducted and sexually assaulted a boy they met on Xbox Live. 

Kristen Aragon, 35 and Melissa Goelz, 29, reportedly met a 14-year-old boy while playing video games and chatting through the online platform. Aragon asked him for his phone number, and they started texting. 

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The victim told police that Aragon said she "wanted to have sex with him." She also asked for photos of his genitals, which the victim says he sent to her. He reportedly said he sent photos to Aragon on two different occasions

Initially, the victim told the women he was 17, but he later admitted to his age. When he did, Aragon said she "already knew how old he was and that she knew his address before he told her." 

Aragon also told the victim she only lived 30 miles away from him in Oklahoma, when she actually lived in New Mexico. 


On April 16, Aragon and Goelz drove 13 hours to pick the victim up from a gas station. They both performed sexual acts on him while they drove back to New Mexico. 

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When the victim asked for the women to take him back home, Aragon told him that she "had driver 13 hours to get him so he was not going back." She also threatened to toss him out of the car while he was naked if he kept asking to go home. 

The victim's father reported him missing, and police were able to locate him by pinging his cellphone — even though Aragon forced him to throw the SIM card out of his phone and reset it. 


The police were waiting for the women in Aragon's driveway in New Mexico. When they were arrested, the victim was found inside the car. 

Aragon and Goelz were arrested and charged with felony counts of kidnapping and performing lewd acts on a minor. They are currently waiting for extradition to Oklahoma. 


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