Mom Teaches Her Kids To Never Do Two Illegal Things At Once, Do Them Singularly — ‘The Most Valuable Lesson In Life’

"Don't break the law while your breaking the law!"

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Most parents advise their children to refrain from participating in illegal activities altogether. However, one mother on TikTok's advice to her kids was a little different.

The mother warned her children never to do two illegal things at once — instead, do them one at a time. 

The mother, Kristine Chmura, shared her controversial parenting advice on TikTok in response to another user’s video, revealing the most valuable piece of information his parents ever offered. 


“Never do two illegal things at once. Do them separately,” said Zach (@therealbaddad). “Don’t stack your charges!” 


And I still didnt listen 😩😂😂

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Oddly enough, the mother claimed that she teaches her children the same thing. 

“Don’t break the law while you’re breaking the law!” Chmura exclaimed. 

After disclosing that she does not condone any of the following behaviors, the mother clarified exactly what she meant using specific examples. 

“If you are gonna smoke pot and drive, don’t also speed,” she said. “If you’re gonna go drink in the middle of somewhere with your friends, don’t also trespass.” 

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Many other parents agreed with the mother, admitting that they give their children the same advice. 

“We say, ‘one crime at a time!’” one TikTok user commented. 

“My dad told me not to commit a misdemeanor while committing a felony because the misdemeanor will get you caught,” another user shared. 

“I tell my son the same thing constantly," a third commenter wrote. "Pick one bad choice and stick with it."

It is important to note that the mother’s advice does not permit her children to break the law. Instead, it teaches them that if they happen to get in trouble for something they should not be doing, they should refrain from digging themselves into a deeper hole. 


As children grow up and navigate the world around them, they are bound to make a few behavioral mistakes — even those that land them in trouble with the law. 

According to IMPACT LAW, the most common juvenile crimes include theft, simple assault, disorderly conduct, and curfew violations. Some common examples are teenagers playing music too loud at parties, drinking beer with their friends on the beach, and getting into public fights with one another. 

In 2020, law enforcement agencies in the U.S. made an estimated 424,300 arrests of persons under the age of 18.

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As a parent, it may be distressing to have your children land in trouble from time to time, but in most cases, it does not reflect your abilities as a parent. Children and teenagers are expected to make mistakes and get in trouble as they learn what is considered appropriate behavior and what is not. 

Even with their parents' constant warnings and disciplinary measures, kids will disobey their orders and may find themselves at odds with the law.

However, most of the crimes committed by juveniles are nonviolent and consist of having a few drinks with their friends at prom or smoking a joint on the sidewalk. Socially experimenting will likely not deter them from getting into their dream college


However, if they are caught underage drinking or smoking in a state where it is illegal, it won't help their case if they are doing so while driving or cussing out the police. 

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