50 Gay Pride Events To Attend In Every State In Celebration Of LGBT Pride Month

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The month of June is celebrated as Gay Pride Month, in which events all across the United States and around the world are held to recognize and celebrate the LGBTQ+  community.  

The history of Gay Pride Month came out of the events that occurred during the Stonewall Riots in 1969, which was considered a pivotal moment in history for LGBTQ+ — Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer — rights. It was the first major stance against discrimination that protestors engaged in, and it is known as the moment that ultimately began the modern movement for LGBTQ liberation and rights. 

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Today, Gay Pride Month serves as both a celebration and as a reminder of the rights of LGBTQ people, and there are many attendees of all different backgrounds who enjoy and participate in the festivities. 

While attending Gay Pride events, you can see many attendees wear rainbow flags or images, as well as the colors of the rainbow. The rainbow serves as symbol of positivity and pride for the LGBTQ community. 

U.S. gay rights activist Gilbert Baker is credited with the creating the rainbow flag back in the 1970s. 

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In the United States, events occur all around the country throughout the month. Pride festivities can include things like festivals, parades, performances, and speeches. 

For many years, Gay Pride Month events were primarily designated to major cities, which is where you can catch some of the biggest Gay Pride celebrations.  As time progresses, however, we are seeing more and more Gay Pride Month events not just in big cities, but throughout the nation. 

Americans who want to celebrate and participate in events to support the LGBTQ community no longer have to travel to major cities but can now enjoy events happening in their own state. Although most events take place in June, some states' major Gay Pride celebrations happen later in the year as well, and those are also included. 

Scroll through the list below to see upcoming events for Gay Pride Month that you can attend in your state. 

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1. Alabama — Central Alabama Pride in Birmingham June 1-10

Photo Credit: Twitter

2. Alaska — Alaska Pride in Anchorage June 9-16

Photo Credit: Alaska Pride 

3. Arizona — Flagstaff Pride June 23

Photo Credit: Flagstaff Pride

4. Arkansas — Northwest Arkansas Pride June 14-17

Photo Credit: Facebook

5. California — Los Angeles Pride June 9-10

Photo Credit: Twitter

Also, for an event later in the month, San Francisco Pride June 23-24

6. Colorado — Denver Pride Fest June 16-17

Photo Credit: Denver Pride

7. Connecticut — Connecticut LGBT Film Festival in Hartford June 1-9

Photo Credit: Connecticut LGBT Film Festival

8. Delaware — Delaware Pride Fest in Dover August 11

Photo Credit: Delaware Pride

9. Florida — St. Pete Pride June 22-24

Photo Credit: Facebook

Also, attend the Pulse Nightclub Annual Remembrance Ceremony on June 12 in Orlando, hosted by the One Pulse Foundation.

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10. Georgia — Augusta Pride June 21-24

Photo Credit: Augusta Pride

11. Hawaii — Honolulu Pride October 20

Photo Credit: Facebook

12. Idaho — Boise Pride June 15-16

Photo Credit: Boise Pride

13. Illinois — Chicago Pride Festival June 16-17, Parade June 24

Photo Credit: Chicago Pride

14. Indiana — Indy Pride June 9

Photo Credit: Facebook

15. Iowa — Capital City Pride in Des Moines June 9-10

Photo Credit: Facebook

16. Kansas — Wichita Pride June 29-30

Photo Credit: Facebook

17. Kentucky — Kentuckiana Pride June 15-16

Photo Credit: Facebook

18. Louisiana — Baton Rouge Pride June 16

Photo Credit: Baton Rouge Pride

19. Maine — Pride Portland June 8-17

Photo Credit: Facebook

20. Maryland — Baltimore Pride June 16-17

Photo Credit: Baltimore Pride 

21. Massachusetts — Boston Pride June 1-10

Photo Credit: Facebook 

22. Michigan — Motor City Pride in Detroit June 9-10

Photo Credit: Facebook

23. Minnesota — Twin Cities Pride June 23-24

Photo Credit: Facebook

24. Mississippi — Gulf Coast LGBT Pride in Biloxi June 30

Photo Credit: Facebook

25. Missouri — Pride St. Louis June 23-24

Photo Credit: Facebook

26. Montana — Big Sky Pride in Helena June 16

Photo Credit: Facebook

27. Nebraska — Heartland Pride in Omaha June 29-30

Photo Credit: Heartland Pride

28. Nevada — Las Vegas Pride October 19-21

Photo Credit: Facebook

29. New Hampshire — Portsmouth Pride June 23

Photo Credit: Seacoast Outright 

30. New Jersey — Jersey Pride in Asbury Park June 3

Photo Credit: Facebook

31. New Mexico — Albuquerque Pride June 9

Photo Credit: Facebook

32. New York — New York City Pride June 14-24

Photo Credit: Facebook

33. North Carolina — Salisbury Pride June 23

Photo Credit: Facebook

34. North Dakota — Pride Fargo-Moorhead August 9-12

Photo Credit: Facebook

35. Ohio — Cincinnati Pride June 23

Photo Credit: Facebook

36. Oklahoma — Oklahoma City Pride June 22-24

Photo Credit: Oklahoma City Pride

37. Oregon — Pride Northwest in Portland June 16-17

Photo Credit: Facebook 

38. Pennsylvania — Philly Pride June 10

Photo Credit: Philly Pride 

39. Rhode Island — Rhode Island Pride in Providence June 16

Photo Credit: Rhode Island Pride

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40. South Carolina — Outfest Columbia June 2

Photo Credit: Facebook

41. South Dakota — Sioux Falls Pride June 16

Photo Credit: Facebook

42. Tennessee — Nashville Pride June 23-24

Photo Credit: Facebook

43. Texas — Pride Houston June 14-24

Photo Credit: Pride Houston

44. Utah — Utah Pride in Salt Lake City May 30-June 3

Photo Credit: Facebook

45. Vermont — Pride Vermont in Burlington September 8

Photo Credit: Pride Vermont

46. Virginia — Hampton Roads Pride June 21-30

Photo Credit: Hampton Roads Pride

47. Washington — Seattle Pride June 24

Photo Credit: Facebook

48. West Virginia — Rainbow Pride of West Virginia in Charleston June 2

Photo Credit: Rainbow Pride of West Virginia

49. Wisconsin — Pridefest Milwaukee June 7-10

Photo Credit: Facebook

50. Wyoming — Cheyenne Pride in the Park June 9

Photo Credit: Wyoming Equality