15 (Fabulous!) Sexual Pride Flags You Didn't Know Existed

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15 Sexual Pride Flags You Didn't Know Existed
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There are many colors but we all bleed the same shade of red.

We all know the "rainbow flag," which was first created in 1978 by San Francisco artist Gilbert Baker. It was designed as a call to unify the Gay and the entire LGBT community and to fly as a symbol of peace.

The flag's first public appearance occurred at the 1978 Gay Freedom Day Parade and the Rainbow became a symbol of Gay Pride during the Gay Movement. Each of the eight stripes and colors represents some part of the community: 

  • Hot pink — sex
  • Red — life
  • Orange — healing
  • Yellow — the sun
  • Green — serenity with nature
  • Turquoise — art
  • Indigo — harmony
  • Violet — spirit

Now, the rainbow sexual pride flag grew is now commonplace around the world. 

There are now more than 23 sexual pride flags available on the internet. However, unlike the Gay Pride Flag and its rainbow flag movement, some aren't the only flag used within a particular community.

For example, the Lesbian community has three flags that are found online. Each flag represents a sect within the Lesbian community: Lipstick Lesbian, a multi-pink striped colored flag with a lipstick print on the upper left-hand corner, a deep purple flag with an inverted black triangle and a double-headed axe also called a "labrys" that are reminiscent of the early matriarchal societies, and there's a less popular but still circulating Rainbow Flag with a pink labrys. 

The idea of sexual pride flags has caught on with many other groups, too, including people who enjoy kink. For example, there are flags for Fat Pride, Leather Pride, and even uniform fetish sexual pride flags for couples who like to dress up in uniform or military clothing during sex play.

If you are curious about which flag represents your own sexual preference, or just want to learn more, we've selected the top 15 Sexual Pride Flags you didn't even know existed and shared them with quotes, love quotes, and inspirational sayings

Asexual Pride Flag

"Platonic love is love from the neck up."

Bear Pride Flag

"I just want to be your bear."

Bisexual Pride Flag

"People will stare. Make it worth their while." — Harry Winston

Leather Pride Flag

"Not all who wander are lost."

Lipstick Lesbian Pride Flag

"You are my favorite thought."

Pansexual Pride Flag

"I don't have a type. If I like you, I like you."

Lesbian Pride Flag

"I want to be the girl who makes your bad days better."

Gay Pride Flag

"The important thing is not the object of love, but the emotion itself." — Gore Vidal

Polyamorous Pride Flag

"I reserve the right to love many people at once and to change my prince often." — Anaïs Nin

Straight Pride Flag

"I'm straight. It's great. I don't hate or discriminate."

Straight Allies Pride Flag

"Love is love."

Intersex Pride Flag

"Be you."

Transgender Pride Flag

"We are all human."

Gender Queer Pride Flag

"I may not be the same but that's not what's important."

Gender Fluid Pride Flag

"People are attractive."