What Does 'Thot' Mean? A Simple Guide To The Slang Internet Term Everyone's Using

It's not a term of endearment, that's for sure.

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There are lots of words and phrases in the world I do not understand. I am 34 years old and (admittedly) out of touch with youth culture. So when I heard the word "thot," I was confused. I mean, what is a thot? What does thot mean?

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Well, brace yourself, because the word is colorful and, well... cruel.

According to Urban Dictionary, thot is a phrase used to describe “girls in schools that send out nudes and porn of themselves.” It is a phrase used to describe “women who pretend to be the type of valuable female commodity... until the man discovers that she’s just a cheap imitation of a ‘good girl’ who is good only for mindless sex.” It is a phrase used to describe “fast girls,” and it is also an acronym for “that ho over there.”


In short, thot is another way of calling a girl easy.

Thot is a relatively new phrase. According to Pink News, “the term first appeared on Urban Dictionary in 2012, with some people using the term after hip-hop artist Chief Keef reportedly said ‘thot’ on the set of one of his music videos.”


However, the word has become increasingly popular over the years, both in person and in music, and most recently Uncle Murda wrote a song called "Thot," “which features lyrics that describe how the singer used to love a woman until he discovered she was a ‘thot.’”

God damn, I used to like you / That p*** was tight too / Can’t believe I almost wifed you / Found out you was a thot too / What you gotta be a thot for?

(Nice, right?)


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While thot can stand on its own, some people prefer the phrase “thot be gone,” which means “go away ho.” Others, however, prefer “thotties,” which is a term used to describe a group of “easy” girls or women.



Unlike other common words and acronyms, thot is not a positive phrase. In fact, it is almost always used in a negative and demeaning way. Rappers use it in a derogatory manner, hip-hop artists and other pop culture figures use it in an inflammatory manner, and the average person uses the phrase to be dismissive.

Women who are thots are subpar — i.e., Be careful if you get with that thot; she’s got a bad reputation. Stop playing; we all know you’re a thot. And did you see that thot’s pics? Gross.

So when is it okay to use thot? Well, in my opinion, never.

Thot is callous, cold, sexist, and cruel. But if you choose to use it, remember: words carry weight. They carry meaning. And thot? Well, it means to be mean — and nothing more.


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