Is Jessica Simpson Pregnant? New Details About The Rumor She's Expecting Baby #3

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Is Jessica Simpson pregnant

Whether you remember Jessica Simpson from her beautiful voice or her hilarious comments on Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, she sure has changed a lot. But a recent day out has many people speculating: Is Jessica Simpson pregnant?

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Simpson stepped out at the end of April in an ensemble that added a silhouette around her stomach, making it appear as though she was hiding a baby bump underneath.

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Jessica's already mom to two children — Maxwell and Ace — with her husband, Eric Johnson, she’s making us scratch our heads once again. And not just because of her fashion choice. Is it a dress or lingerie? Because we seriously can’t figure it out.

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The singer has openly discussed her reluctance to expand her family even further. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Simpson joked, “We always practice [making babies]. But it would definitely have to be a miracle.”

And when she appeared on Ellen last year, she informed the audience she didn’t have plans to have a third kid: “I’m not pregnant. We got an IUD, nothing’s gonna get in that uterus. I have two beautiful children and I’m not having a third.”

Okay, so people obviously can change their minds. If she really wanted another kid, she could easily have her IUD removed. And since she and her husband enjoy having sex frequently, a third child wouldn’t necessarily be off the table.

But if none of that convinces you that she’s not pregnant, Simpson was spotted showing off her baby-less body on the beach last month, after fans speculated that she may be with child.

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Does this look like a woman who is pregnant? We think not. It just looks like a woman who had a really bad wardrobe malfunction, especially trying to cover up that hideous negligee with a red blazer and thigh-high boots.

Instead of questioning whether or not Jessica Simpson is pregnant, we should be asking another more important question instead: What was she thinking with that outfit?

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