8 Men Reveal What Having Sex With A Woman With An IUD Feels Like

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sex with an IUD

An IUD is an awesome idea for long-term birth control without having to think about it every time things get steamy. Still, you are inserting a foreign object into your uterus. It's there and not going away anytime soon. That's kind of the point, actually.

So, what does that mean for your sex life? Can the dude feel it in there when having sex with an IUD?

Some say yes, others say no. Some say something in between: "It felt like I was going to get her pregnant anyway!" says one man, whose lovely wife had a baby four months ago. The baby was conceived while she was wearing an IUD. Oops.

But what does sex with an IUD really feel like? We asked a few men to weigh in.

1. I feel it but wear a condom anyway.

"Yes, plenty of times. It feels the same. I have no problem, but I will still wear a condom."

2. It lets me know if I've penetrated too deeply.

"Yes. Granted, I’m a big fan of foreplay before jumping into the sex boat. So, I generally feel it during that portion of the festivities. But yeah, during the sex too, it is very apparent that it is there. It has never been a bad thing, though. It generally lets me know that I’m pushing deep, which is a turn-on for me at least. As far as feeling goes, it is a little odd I guess, but the beauty that is all around it far outweighs any little weird feeling from that."

3. It feels like my penis is poking a twig.

"With my huge penis, I'm always jamming into the IUD. What a pain! It feels like poking a small twig. And, of course, it scares you as you aren't normally expecting obstructions in that path."

4. If there are wires, it hurts like hell.

"When I had it put in, I asked them not to trim the wires because the guy I was dating at the time had previously dated someone who had an IUD with very shortly trimmed wires and he said it was painful to get poked. Over time, the wire strings kind of softened up and were less noticeable. But I was told by someone else that it wasn't noticeable at all."

5. It's a great reminder that she won't get pregnant.

"Most of the time it was unnoticeable, but that whenever I DID feel it, it was a reassuring reminder that we didn't have to worry about an unplanned pregnancy, and enjoyed sex more!"

6. I've never noticed it.

"I never even knew an IUD went down there... I thought that went in the arm, so I've never noticed."

7. I can only feel Nuva rings, not IUDs.

"If I have, I've never felt it, but with Nuva rings, you can feel it a little. It is not a big deal though."

8. It made things much drier.

"I wonder if I should be wildly insecure that it didn't feel particularly different or like I was bumping into barbed wire. However, the girl I was dating transitioned from no birth control to the IUD a few months into our relationship and it definitely made her drier. We had to use lube before and sometimes during sex to compensate whereas I don't recall us using it before the device was inserted."