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Who Is John Gosselin's Girlfriend? New Details To Know About Colleen Conrad

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Who Is John Gosselin's Girlfriend? New Details To Know About Colleen Conrad

Who is John Gosselin's girlfriend? Jon Gosselin rocketed to fame in the TLC series Jon and Kate Plus 8, which chronicled the couple's adjustment to and life with eight kids, including sextuplets, who recently turned fourteen. The reality show premiered in 2007. Midway through season five, the couple announced their separation. Jon and Kate divorced in December 2009 after 10 years of marriage. The show was renamed Kate Plus 8 and Jon had to go out and rebuild his life.  These days 41-year-old Jon is a radio DJ in his hometown of Wyomissing, Pennsylvania and has been dating Colleen Conrad since 2015. 

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1. They knew each other before.

Jon and Colleen started dating in 2015. They knew each other but hadn't seen each other in years. When they got together, the chemistry clicked instantly and they moved in together after a month of dating. 

2. Colleen is a mom herself.

While she isn't a parent to a brood of eight like Jon, she is a mom. She has two kids, a son and a daughter, who are both teenagers. Both of her kids have met Jon's twins and sextuplets.


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3. She's a nurse practitioner.

Colleen is a Penn State grad and worked as a registered nurse for years before going back to school at Philadelphia's Drexel University to become a Nurse Practitioner. Jon took to Instagram to mark the occasion, posting a pic the couple. He captioned the snap: "Congratulations honey, Masters in Nursing and Nurse Practitioner."

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4. She set up a Go Fund Me for Jon.

Jon does not have custody of his 8 kids, though he's been fighting for it for years. Colleen set up a Go Fund Me campaign to help raise funds for the legal battle. The campaign was created on September 2, 2017 and as of today has raised just $3,301 of its $30,000 goal. It has since been disabled. She titled the campaign "A Dad's Chance To Fight." She wrote:

"The family and friends of Jon Gosselin know the loving, caring, devoted father that he is, and they understand his desire to do what is best for his children. Like many divorced parents, Jon works hard each day and most weekends, wanting nothing more than to spend quality time with his kids. For Jon, it’s been an eight-year battle in family court, one that pits him against media and financial forces that far exceed his own.

Fame and fortune do not always go together, and Jon is the perfect example of that reality. Things are not always as they are portrayed in the tabloids or on television. Jon does not have a network-funded public relations machine behind him to spin the facts. He works a steady job and earns extra money on the side as a disc jockey. Now he is forced into an expensive unjust battle for custody, one that drains his time, energy and finances. It is a fight he did not seek; it is a fight he does not want. He remains focused on the welfare of his children. He wants to make sure every decision that is made on their behalf is made in their best interest."

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5. She grounds him.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Jon revealed he and Colleen live a really normal life. In fact, he admitted that it could be boring at times and that was fine with him. He compared his life with Colleen as being like life before he appeared on Jon and Kate Plus 8.

6. Is marriage in the cards for this couple?

Jon Gosselin and Colleen Conrad have been dating for three years and living together for most of that time. Could wedding bells be far off? Possibly! Jon shared with InTouch that both he and Conrad aren't rushing an engagement — or marriage at all — since they've both been divorced before. "We just look at each other like ‘Eh.’ Because we’re both divorced so … Is there a point? We love each other. We’re committed to each other. For now, the two don’t feel the need to add another title."


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