Who Is Calvin Harris' Girlfriend? New Details On Aarika Wolf

The couple was recently involved in car crash in Beverly Hills.

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Who is Calvin Harris' girlfriend? Meet Aarika Wolf, the on-again, off-again model girlfriend of DJ Calvin Harris. (His ex is THE Taylor Swift.) The couple met in 2015 and since then, they've been on and off but a source claims, "this time pals believe their relationship will last the distance.”

Wolf and Harris haven't commented too much on their relationship — especially recently with all the car accident drama that happened over the weekend. However, Harris did break his silence to let everyone know that all was well after the harrowing ordeal. "I promised myself I’d never do anything worthy of appearing in TMZ ever again but sadly this was out of my control thankfully everyone is ok,” he said in a now-deleted tweet. 


More details on Aarika Wolf, Calvin Harris' girlfriend.

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1. They met on the set of Harris' music video for his track 'Blame.'

Wolf and Harris started dating after meeting on set. After the shoot, the pair seemed inseparable and were together for six months before their first initial breakup. 


2.. She was driving the car when it crashed over the weekend.

Over the weekend, the couple got into a bad car accident when their Range Rover plowed into a Honda. Wolf and Harris are okay but the two females that were in the other car  reported pain. Aarika was driving the car at the time. It's unclear exactly what happened that limited her ability to see the car that was trying to turn into a driveway. 

3. She's Instagram-famous. 


A post shared by Aarika Wolf (@aarikagerette) on Mar 18, 2018 at 12:25pm PDT

The 24-year-old beauty was born in South Dakota and got her start as a model when she was discovered on Instagram. Wolf signed with Vision Model Management and then made the move to Los Angeles to continue her career. She has more than 200,00 Instagram followers. 


4. Harris dumped Wolf for Taylor Swift in 2015.

Wolf and Harris had been dating for seven months when the Heatstroke DJ met the princess of country-pop at the Brit Awards. At first, there were reports that Harris and Swift were hooking up before the initial breakup between his model ex. "He ended up breaking up with Aarika, and then just pretended that the Taylor Swift stuff happened after (the breakup)," a source said. "Aarika probably knows now she was cheated on."

Harris' reps denied these rumors, claiming the couple split before Calvin and Taylor got together. “His relationship with Aarika was actually over in late January, and he met up with Taylor in February at the Brit Awards in London and was a single man,” an insider. "That’s why he proposed some dates together, because he wasn’t attached."


Swift and Harris had a steamy romance before she dumped him. Harris took it well at first but then seemed to be a bit sour about Taylor getting cuddly very quickly with actor Tom Hiddleston. 

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5. Wolf apparently moved into Harris' mansion. 

There's official confirmation but it's been reported the couple has moved in together, especially since the beauty spends a lot of time at his Hollywood Hills pad.


6. Dua Lipa tried to swoop in on her relationship with Harris. 


A post shared by DUA LIPA (@dualipa) on May 1, 2018 at 4:00pm PDT

Harris and Wolf got back together in August 2017 and then broke up before getting back together again this past March. (Following all that?)

However, in between the breakup and make up singer Dua Lipa tried to snag the DJ. A source said that she was all over Harris at the Brit Awards. (What is it with Harris and the Brit awards?) "Everyone saw Dua make a beeline for Calvin when he arrived. It wasn’t long until they were deep in conversation — it was like they were the only people in the room..." 


"...Calvin was being quite hands-on, while Dua wrapped her arm around his neck, clearly not bothered about who saw them. They were glued at the hip as Dua played with her hair and made Calvin laugh. They were getting on really well and everyone could see it.”

7. The two reunited on a romantic vacation in Mexico. 


A post shared by Legion-Media (@legionmedia) on Mar 28, 2018 at 6:14am PDT

Wolf and Harris got back together and appeared happier than ever riding jet skis and on boats right off the coast of Cancun. They were also later seen cozying up on land at a bar. 


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