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How Uranus In Taurus Will Affect Your Love Life Immensely For The Next 7 Years

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Uranus moves into Taurus

On May 15th when Uranus moves into Taurus, this will be the first time Uranus has changed signs for the first time since 2011, moving from fiery Aries into the stable and grounded earth sign of Taurus. Uranus is the planet of innovation and change, so as we move into the new energy of this sign we will feel a significant shift in our relationships.

What does that mean for your love horoscope. This shift in astrology will make all the zodiac signs gradually begin to see how differently we approach our relationships in the next seven years.

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Uranus is nicknamed the great awakener; a force of sudden change and innovation. In Aries, we were more apt to throw caution to the wind, leap, then look and become more impatient and less focused in our love lives. We were tired of the status quo and looking to shake things up, so many of us can see that within the past seven years we changed a lot in how we relate to others, including our romantic partners.

In many ways as Uranus moves into Taurus, we will see a shift in our romantic lives of one phase ending and another beginning.

During the Aries era, we saw ourselves change how we viewed ourselves, our relationships and love in general. Many of us experienced divorces or significant breakups during this time as we began to change and then also saw our needs and desires change as well. It was a time in true Aries fashion to set fire to everything that wasn’t working so that we could feel inspired to create something new; something that was authentic for ourselves and that which we could grow into.


But now we’re shifting into very different energy. In many ways, it’s as if we needed Aries tenacity and ambition to break up with our pasts and set us off down a new path. But now is the time to ground ourselves, our plans and our dreams so that we can grow them with a stable foundation.

During the past Uranus transit, we learned so much about relationships and love. Because of the catalytic nature of this planet, we likely saw how we view romantic commitment change. Perhaps we once only thought of forever as a gold band and shared housing, but now there’s been conscious shift. We’re looking for freedom in love; for growth and expansion and the ability to define our relationship as we see fit.

As Taurus ushers in its new phase, it’s going to do quite a bit not just to existing relationships or those dating but to all of us and how we are feeling about love and our family life. Taurus’ ruling planet is Venus, the planet of love, so whenever we see a planet like Uranus transiting this sign we know that there will be a special focus on love.

Uranus in Aries blasted away everything that wasn’t working, anything that was only temporary, but when Uranus moves into Taurus, it will be all about growing roots, creating the home life you desire, and enjoying sensual pleasure with our partner. It’s not about settling down, but rather coming together for the adventure of a lifetime. It’s about making choices, decisions and then acting upon them with the intent to create the life that we have dreamed of.

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The thing is that for many of us we have been sensing a shift in our romantic perspective as the year began, almost as if we knew that we wanted to change things. Yet we weren’t quite sure what that something was. If during Uranus in Aries we saw more divorces or long-term relationships end, then during Taurus we are likely to see more marriages, commitments and couples choosing to live together.

While Aries likes to play the field, Taurus prefers monogamy. But this sign isn’t only about true love — it’s also about the sensual pleasure derived from spending time with someone who we feel truly connected with.

Taurus isn’t concerned with going out but staying in and creating the ideal place to relax, to be comforted and to thrive in a life of our own design. It likes to be surrounded by those people that he loves and that love him, and a sense of family is of the utmost importance. Taurus considers anyone close to him family and it’s this aspect of connection that will grow and foster during this transit.

We can expect to be more commitment-oriented overall during the next seven years, being less fulfilled by one-night stands or shallow short-term dating. It’s not that we will have an eye on love with an end result of marriage, but rather that we will be looking at commitment through a different lens. Instead of seeing long-term relationships as something that takes away our freedom, we can instead see it as a way to become even freer.

Accepting and loving ourselves is crucial, but having a tribe or even one person who gets us, loves us and encourages us actually helps us become more ourselves. In Uranus-centered romantic relationships, it’s about the individuality and the innovation to create a union that feels good, fulfills one another’s needs, and helps support each person becoming their best possible self.

Instead of thinking of tying the knot, we will view it as joining together with someone whose dreams are just as crazy as our own. We will make up different types of commitments and living arrangements, balking at tradition and conventionality as Uranus prefers while still being centered around love and relationships as Taurus is famous for.

We’ve had seven years to discover exactly what we don’t want in romantic relationships, and now within the next seven years is when we actually start to put our lessons to good use. We can start creating those bonds that truly nurture our souls and last forever. 

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