Watch The Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Jen Harley Explosive Fight On Instagram Live

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jen harley ronnie ortiz magro instagram fight

The saga of Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley continues! When we last left off, the two had a blowout fight over Instagram, calling each other names and showing the world just how toxic their relationship really is. This time, the couple had a physical altercation ... on Instagram livestream.

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On Monday night, Harley went live on Instagram in the middle of an argument with Ortiz-Magro.

Though we’re not sure how the Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Jen Harley fight started, he could be heard saying, “Put your hands on me again. Put your f***ing hands on me again, I dare you. I f***ing dare you.” Ortiz-Magro was then seen trying to wrestle the phone out of her hand as she yelled, “Stop, Ron! Stop!” Then, a few moments later, the livestream ended, with Instagram disabling Harley’s account.

Since the physical altercation occurred, it’s been reported that the couple has broken up.

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According to an insider close to the couple, “Ronnie and Jen are definitely done and he’s telling his friends that he’s single.” If this is true, we can only assume that Ortiz-Magro has wanted to be single ever since he cheated on Harley while filming Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Harley was seven months pregnant at the time.

After seeing just how bad Ortiz-Magro’s actions were, Harley kicked him out of the house.

“She saw how bad the cheating was while watching the show Thursday night. Ronnie told her something was going down on the show, but not specifics or how bad it was — and it was bad. She kicked him out of his house two weeks ago. They’ve been so rocky for so long, even before he went to film the show,” an insider for Us Weekly revealed.

Though the couple welcomed their first child together on April 3rd, it’s clear that this relationship probably should have ended a long time ago. There’s a lack of respect and trust between the two, and raising a child in that kind of environment is unacceptable.

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