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3 Unsettling Details About Jersey Shore's Ronnie Ortiz-Magro And Jen Harley's Relationship, Including Her Domestic Violence Arrest

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MTV’s Jersey Shore reunion put Ronnie Ortiz-Magro’s girlfriend Jen Harley and their relationship in the spotlight. Did Ronnie cheat? Plus more details including Harley’s arrest.

MTV brought back fan favorite Jersey Shore in April 2018, giving us a glimpse into where the original Jersey Shore cast is at almost 10 years after the show first aired. Even though the cast is much further into their adult lives with many of them now heading up their own families and in long-term relationships, it didn’t take long for the debauchery to start.

One cast member in particular, Ronnie (or better, “Rahn”) Ortiz-Magro, who’s currently in a relationship with Jen Harley and the new father of their daughter Ariana Sky, allegedly pulled a Tristan Thompson when Jersey Shore cameras seemed to catch him cheating on Jen while she was pregnant.

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So, did Ronnie cheat? It wouldn’t be the first time, as he’s admitted to cheating on Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola after Jersey Shore ended — and you know what they say: once a cheater, always a cheater. Plus, with the amount of booze and partying Jersey Shore is known for, it’s not surprising.

But Ronnie cheating on his girlfriend isn’t the only eyebrow-raising thing about his relationship with her. There’s a lot going on behind-the-scenes of their partnership.

1. Jen was arrested for domestic violence in the past

Radar Online reported that Jen was arrested for domestic violence in 2013. According to the documents obtained by Radar, Jen’s ex-husband claimed that she punched him in the face and began “swinging erratically at him” after coming home to find him “drinking with her roommate,” even going so far as to threaten him with a baseball bat.

Jen told police that her actions were strictly out of self-defense after her “put her in a headlock,” saying she waved the bat at him in an attempt to “scare” her ex. According to Radar, the case was dismissed.

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2. Ron might still be in love with Sammi

There’s one member of the original Jersey Shore cast who’s noticeably absent from the reunion, and that’s Ron’s ex Sammi “Sweetheart.” Before the reunion premiere, Sammi wrote on Instagram that she chose not to be part of the show in order to “avoid potentially toxic situations.”

Ronnie himself opened up about how he felt about Sammi not coming back to the show, telling Us Weekly, “everyone thinks it’s because of me she didn’t come back, but it’s because she has a boyfriend.” Naturally, the rest of the Jersey Shore cast brought up Sammi’s absence on a recent episode of the reunion, shedding light on a sinister aspect of the couple’s explosive relationship. In a confessional, Deena claimed that after the show ended, Ronnie had a hard time moving on. “Sam told me that he used to call her on blocked numbers and used to like, be really weird,” she said. “She was afraid she was going to get in the house and he would get drunk and spiral and try and get back with her or something,” suggesting that it’s time he moves on.

3. Ron may have cheated on Jen while she was pregnant

A trailer for the reunion show suggested that Ronnie cheated on Jen during her pregnancy. The episode shows Ron taking a girl home from the club, much to the chagrin of his roommates.

"If Ronnie gets any closer to this girl he's about to have a second baby mama,” Vinny says, with Snooki warning him that “this looks bad.” At the end of the episode, Ron and a woman are in his room with the door closed.

Ronnie addressed the scandal in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, saying he put himself “in certain situations” and viewers will just have to “see how it plays out” throughout the season.

For the sake of Ariana Sky, we hope Ron and Jen can move forward with a positive relationship with each other!

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