5 Cringey Details About Fabolous And Emily Bustamente's Relationship, Including The Disturbing Video Of Fabolous Threatening Emily And Her Dad

They're involved in some serious drama.

5 Details About Fabolous and Emily Bustamente's Relationships, Including Fabolous' Domestic Abuse Arrest instagram

Rapper Fabolous pretty much stays out of the spotlight, other than some occasional sightings. He tries to keep his private life... well, private — but one thing he hasn't been able to keep hidden is his relationship with Love & Hip Hop star Emily Bustamante. 

In March 2018, Fabolous was arrested for domestic abuse after allegedly punching Bustamante in the face multiple times. There's even a video of Fabolous threatening Emily B. and her father. 


The rap superstar and Bustamante first met back in 2002 at a promotional event for Fabolous' album in New York. In an interview with Vibe, Bustamante described the first time she met Fabolous stating that initially the rapper sent his brother over to her to introduce them. Bustamante revealed that she told Fabolous's brother, “If he wants to talk to me, tell him to come here.” 

Bustamante, who was living in Virginia at the time, stated that the two stayed in touch by phone and when Fabolous came to Virginia to do a show, he called and invited her. She continued by saying they spoke every day after that and saw each other often, eventually leading to them dating. Ten years later, they have two kids together — as well as some drama.


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1. Fabolous hid her from the public even though they lived together and had a son together.

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Yeah, you read that right. After many years of being together, having their first baby boy, and building a life together, Fabolous chose to stay quiet about his relationship with Bustamante at all costs, even while she appeared on the reality show Love & Hip Hop.


In an interview, Fabolous opened up about why he keeps his relationship so private. He explained, "As a celebrity, you have to have some type of peace of your personal life. Look at Jay-Z and Beyonce. Everybody knew Jay and Beyonce were dating. They were sitting around at award shows together like they weren’t together for a while before they came out and said whatever. But your life doesn’t always have to be exposed. There are a lot of people whose personal lives aren’t exposed." 

While Bustamante clearly accepted that since she has stayed with the rapper for so long despite his secretive nature, she revealed on the first episode of Love & Hip Hop that she sometimes wishes it wasn't that way. "It's been eight years, and I haven't really done anything as far as... publicly with him," she said. "Its like I'm a secret."

2. Fabolous doesn't want to get married.


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Despite now having two sons together and being together for over ten years, Fabolous will not put a ring on it.  

Fabolous decided to set the record straight about his thoughts on marriage after Instagram user commented on his photo congratulating comedian Kevin Hart on his marriage. The user tagged Bustamante under the photo and said, “Pray this Happens to you one day Girl.” Then another user responded to the comment saying, “Yall know he isn’t marrying that girl stop it!"

The normally mute rapper decided to comment back and say, “Thank you for a respectful feedback comment,” he wrote. "People think they know what’s best for your life but can’t do what best for themselves. Even on a pic celebrating someone else’s union of love they waste their time commenting on when I’m gonna marry someone. Thank the Harts & keep it moving. Your two cents ain't gonna make me get married or contribute to the wedding bills so stop commenting & go plan your wedding. And if your already married go comment on your husband/wife pics. Losers swear they can tell you how to be a winner smh.”


In an interview with Hello Beautiful, Fabolous delved a little deeper into why he won't marry Bustamente stating, "I don’t think that marriage is in the future for me, I really don’t. The thing about marriage is that I believe in it, but don’t believe in it. I think sometimes people put that ring and that paper and it messes up a good thing. Because then there’s a different emphases on your relationship. Because now you could say, I’m married and I have this piece of paper — and if I walk away then this is that and that is this. I like to just build on relationships, and make sure you’re in a happy relationship."

Bustamante revealed on Love & Hip Hop that she wishes they would get married. "This whole life could end at any minute," she told Mashonda, Swizz Beats' ex-wife. "He could leave me at any second...I'm not married, so he doesn't have to take care of me."

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3. Fabolous was arrested for domestic violence.


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Recently, Fabolous was arrested after he allegedly physically assaulted Bustamante. TMZ reported that multiple sources connected to the couple revealed that Fabolous turned himself in to police after Bustamante called the cops claiming that he hit her in their Englewood, NJ home. According to court documents, the arrest stemmed from an earlier incident between Fabolous and Bustamante. Apparently, Fabolous became angered after finding out Bustamante was also in LA through her Instagram account. He then allegedly threatened Bustamante via text on his flight back to NJ, threatening to attack her with a baseball bat. Court documents state that Fabolous hit Bustamante in the face seven times, allegedly knocking out two of her front teeth. 

According to TMZ, Fabolous surrendered to police and was booked for aggravated assault and making a terroristic threat.

4. There's video evidence of Fabolous threatening Bustamante and her dad.

During the reported incident, the rapper not only allegedly punched his girlfriend but also threatened her and her family. 


According to NorthJersey.com, according to a police affidavit Bustamante "called her father to remove two handguns from the residence due to her fear that they may be used against her." When Fabolous arrived at the home and confronted Bustamante, her brother, and father, he then reportedly tried to locate the handguns that were previously removed before his arrival. 

The affidavit then stated, "When he could not locate the guns, the defendant left the house, but not before informing the victim, her father and her brother that he had a bullet for them".

5. She doesn't want to leave him despite the abuse.


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Despite reporting him to police after he allegedly punched her in the face seven times and the truly disturbing video of the agitated Fabolous threatening them, Bustamante allegedly isn't ready to end their relationship.

While neither have spoken publicly about the recent incident, a source close to the couple revealed to Hollywood Life that ”Emily has been with Fabolous a long time and things have always been passionate between the two. They have broken up and gotten back together a bunch of times, which is hard on a relationship." The source went on to say that “While they have a lot of love for each other, Emily sometimes feels neglected and taken for granted too. She has always wanted him to do the right thing and get married. Sometimes things get a little hectic or rocky between the two of them, but she has always been his ride or die woman and she still hates that he won’t put a ring on it."

After almost 16 years together, it's time for these two to figure out what they want and need from each other in order for this relationship to work. However, domestic violence should always be taken very seriously and we hope that the truth will be revealed and that Emily finds strength through her family and friends during this difficult time.


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