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New Report Reveals How Suri Cruise Is Desperate To See Tom Cruise After He Missed Her 12th Birthday Party

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Suri Cruise, Tom Cruise, Misses Dad, Hasn't Seen Four Years

Tom Cruise supposedly hasn't seen his daughter in over four years — and that didn't change when she turned 12 last week. 

Suri Cruise is now apparently desperate to connect with her dad and is tired of her mom Katie Holmes' excuses. 

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Tom, 55, has missed "one milestone after another." 

“Like any little girl, her greatest wish is for her father to be there, and now she’s been disappointed again,” an insider told Star magazine. "That would be painful for any child, and you have to wonder what kind of emotional toll it’s taking on Suri."

Though a recent report from Hollywood Life revealed that Tom did send Suri a birthday gift, he didn't show up for her birthday party on April 18. 

And this isn't the first time. 

“Tom hasn’t been there to watch Suri blow out the candles since she turned 7,” another source said. “It’s so sad!”

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As Suri gets older, she's questioning Holmes, 39, more and more why her father doesn't come around. They haven't been photographed together since 2012. 

"Suri has to be wondering why Tom doesn’t come and visit. It seems like the older she gets, the more desperate she must be to see him,” the insider said. “Now that Suri’s older, [the excuses] may not fly anymore.”

Reports suggest that the reason for Tom's absence from his daughter's life is his religion, Scientology. 

When family members leave the church, people related to them who decide to stay are known for distancing themselves. So when Holmes decided to leave the church, Tom was expected by his fellow church members to stop talking to Suri as well. 

Though he doesn't see her in person, supposedly, he does come through with a gift for every birthday and holiday. 

Suri gets a gift from Tom on her birthday every year and this year was no exception,” a source claimed. “It’s not something Katie talks about though, beyond saying that Tom does always come through with gifts for things like birthdays and Christmas, she’s very tight-lipped.”

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