5 Things You NEED To Know About Rihanna's BILLIONAIRE Boyfriend Hassan Jameel

Photo: Twitter
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Get it RiRi!

After photos came out showing Rihanna getting steamy in a hot tub in Spain with a mystery man, fans made it their mission to unmask his identity. Virtual blood, sweat and tears were shed until the singer's new beau finally had a name. 

And the lucky man is: Hassan Jameel. 

1. He's got quite the job. 

Though you might not recognize him, Hassan Jameel is definitely on the amazing RiRi's level. Not only is he the heir to the ENTIRE Toyota empire, but he's also like, hella dreamy. 


2. He comes from a very wealthy family

Plus, he's rich. Hassan Jameel's family's net worth is about $1.5 billion. I don't want to tell Rhianna what to do, but girl might want to consider locking this boy down. Just sayin'.

3. Rihanna isn't the first famous girl he's been linked with. 

The Saudi Arabian billionaire is believed to be the ex of model Naomi Campbell. 

4. Twitter went totally cray when everyone found out. 

Sources close to the two say that the relationship is, "the real deal," and after the entire world was heartbroken by Rihanna's breakup with Drake, people are obviously excited about the new match — and a little worried about Drake. 

5. They're reportedly very, very happy. 

But can you blame them?? Rihanna and Jameel are seriously cute AF. 


Congrats RiRi!