25 Cinco De Mayo Costumes & Themed Outfits To Wear On The 5th Of May

Celebrate in style.

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You received an invite to your friend’s upcoming Cinco de Mayo party. That is fantastic! The next question though, is what are you going to wear to the party?

Getting into the celebratory spirit of Cinco de Mayo doesn’t have to only be about consuming as many margaritas, chips and tacos as humanly possible, though it’s definitely a perk of the holiday.

Dressing up can be just as much fun, and it gives you the opportunity to be creative with costumes and clothing centered around the Cinco de Mayo theme.


You can even get your pets in on the holiday outfit fun as well. 

Even though you know you want to dress up, let’s best honest, coming up with the perfect costume idea can be really hard. Your game plan is to have a unique, cool, super-themed ensemble, but you have no clue where to begin. 


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Lucky for you, when it comes to a costume for Cinco de Mayo, you also don’t have to break the bank. Why spend a fortune on a formal, pre-made costume, if you can just make one yourself?

The great thing about these Cinco de Mayo costumes and clothing options is that many of them are also DIY. You can visit your local fabric store and pick up cloth, accessories and other goodies to create your outfit.


However, not everyone is a natural when it comes to things like sewing or putting together costumes. That’s why making sure to include less-complicated DIY costume choices, along with outfits you can find in many common retail stores, is important as well. 

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Read through the list below for a great assortment of fun outfits and original costume ideas to wear when you head out this Cinco de Mayo.

1. Why not make this super-easy DIY Mexican blanket skirt?

A Pair & A Spare 


Transform a regular Mexican-style blanket into a mini-skirt. 

2. Or you can wear a colorful skirt and tassel tank top.

Twenties Girl Style

The bright colors in the skirt, along with the tassel accents on the tank top, are perfect for a Cinco de Mayo outing. 

3. This romper and kimono combo is ridiculously cute.

Haute off the Rack


The bold floral pattern is perfect for Cinco de Mayo. Add a lightweight kimono to complete this cute look. 

4. This off-the-shoulder top with colorful tassels and sandals will get you ready for margaritas in no time.


This beautiful top is reminiscent of both the romance and the vibrancy of Mexican culture. Add some color-accented sandals to the outfit as well!


5. Go simple with a 'Tacos and Tequila' tank top.


Is there really anything else in life?

6. 'Tacos and Tequila' t-Shirt tank top with a pop of color.



If you want to add some more color to the look.

7. This DIY piñata costume will be the hit (get it?!) of the party.


DIY costume option for a Cinco de Mayo party.

8. This 'Drinking is my cardio' shirt and colorful sandals is perfect for a backyard Cinco de Mayo party.

T & J Designs


Along with the shirt, add some color to your wardrobe with these fun sandals.

9. This 'Margaritas Made Me Do It' tank top is perfect. And accurate.


Fashion and a good excuse. 

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10. 'Drinko de Mayo' and 'Cinco de Drinko' T-Shirts are super cute.

The Pink Lily Boutique



11. Try making this colorful skirt and pair it with some brightly colored sandals.

Stylish Sassy & Classy

The beautiful Mexico-inspired colors and patterns on the skirt are perfect for a Cinco de Mayo party.

12. Traditional Mexican-inspired dress perfect for a fiesta.

A Sparkle Factor


Beautiful dress inspired by traditional styles found in Mexico. 

13. 'Fiesta Like There's No Mañana' in this pink tank top.


Translation: Party Like There's No Tomorrow.

14. This DIY cactus costume is hilarious.

Studio DIY


Adorable and creative Cinco de Mayo costume.

15. A bright skirt and white off-the-shoulder top is cute and festive.

Lonestar Southern

Fun and flirty outfit.

16. A playful DIY piñata dress is perfect for a Cinco de Mayo party.

Camille Styles


Another take on a fun DIY costume.  

17. Cinco de Mayo-themed swimsuit - perfect for a pool party.


The weather is getting warmer, so there's a good chance your Cinco de Mayo party might have some swimming.

18. A DIY mini-sombrero headband for someone looking for a simple costume accessory.



A regular sombrero can be pretty big. This smaller option is much more party-friendly.

19. This Frida Kahlo T-Shirt is perfect.


Get in the spirit with a hip t-shirt featuring the iconic Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.


20. 'I Hate Tacos, Said No Juan Ever' T-Shirt is hilarious and fun.


Really though, who doesn't love tacos?

21. A 'Tequila Por Favor' sun hat is essential for an outdoor Cinco de Mayo celebration.



If your party is outdoors, a sun hat will come in handy. 

22. And we can't forget the pets! Dress up your pup in a Mexican-themed poncho and sombrero!


Animal costumes are always cute! You can get your pet in the Cinco de Mayo spirit too. 

23. Or this crochet poncho and sombrero.



You can make this a DIY project and crochet it yourself.

24. Cats can celebrate, too, in a little sombrero.


We can't leave out the cats. 

25. Boy and Girl Dog Costumes are sure to get people laughing.



​The cutest couple at the party.

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