4 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Funnest People To Travel With, According To Astrology

Better have those passports ready and a bag packed. These zodiac signs were born to travel!

4 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Funnest People To Travel With, According To Astrology unsplash

From personal experience, I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to travel on my own.

I had the freedom to choose for myself what I did during my time abroad, and I discovered my inner strength from the ability to explore on my own and open myself up to meeting new people.

However, let’s face it, traveling alone from time to time can be cool but it gets rather boring after a while, which is why finding the perfect travel buddy is essential for a great vacation.


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Regardless of the kind of vacation you decide to take, whether it’s backpacking around Southeast Asia or sitting on the beach with a Strawberry Daiquiri at a resort in Cancun, all travel has its own challenges along the way.


The last thing you need is someone making a bad situation worse. Although we love our friends dearly, not everyone is born to travel the ideal person to travel with while on a vacation. Their horoscope just wasn't born to live out of a suitcase for too long. 

Personality traits in our individual zodiac signs can either make someone a great travel companion or a not-so-great one. Although you may love your best friend from college and you always have a good time together, taking a trip with someone is a whole other situation.

Much like a new roommate, you never really know somebody until you travel with that person. This is why having an easy reference guide to see which people and what zodiac signs in your life would be perfect to take a trip with is a major plus.

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From the astrology sign that will remain calm during those lengthy TSA lines to the one sign that is always outgoing and ready for new adventures, these folks have different positive traits for the many aspects of travel. 

Based on the individual qualities of each zodiac sign, we’ve rounded up the four zodiac signs who were born to travel and will make the perfect vacation partner for you to explore with.

Start looking at flights and get ready to enjoy your next vacation with these zodiac signs who make the best travel partners, according to astrology.

1. SAGITTARIUS ( November 22 - December 21 )



A Sagittarius is known for being curious, enthusiastic, and having a great sense of humor. Obviously, this makes them super fun to travel with. 

When you suggest visiting that exciting museum you’ve been wanting to see during your trip, they won’t complain about the lines but will ask how soon you guys can get tickets.

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2. Gemini ( May 21 - June 20 )



A Gemini’s greatest strength is their ability to adapt. Sometimes travel can be difficult. You are in another country, it’s a rough climate, and perhaps your lodging is not exactly the Four Seasons.

By taking a Gemini along, they will be flexible with new surroundings and situations that might make others uncomfortable and grumpy. 

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3. TAURUS ( April 20 - May 20 )



Responsible and reliable are qualities in a Taurus that are a huge relief while traveling. When we travel with others, we want to make sure we have people who we can trust to not only have the required items for the trip but who will also have our back along the way.

You want travel companions who look out for each other. The last thing you need is someone leaving you on your own at a bar in a foreign country after they went off with some random guy.

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4. LIBRA ( September 23 - October 22 )

Libras are peaceful and social, which is also great for taking trips. They enjoy the company of others and will want to engage in conversation with you and people you meet along the way.

Their peaceful nature makes them someone who won’t want to fight or bring negativity, and after all, isn’t the whole point of a holiday to get away from stress?


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