Why Isn't Molly Roloff On Little People, Big World?

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The 13th season of TLC's Little People, Big World premiered recently and fans want to know: Why isn't Molly Roloff on Little People, Big World? And what happened to Molly Roloff? She is a member of the Roloff family but she's been appearing on the show less and less as the seasons have played out.

Fans want to know why, and it turns out the reason is relatively simple: she's starting a new period of her life. At 24, she's a newlywed and college graduate with a burgeoning career. It's not hard to see why she wouldn't participate in the reality show that made her family famous.

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So: Where in the world is Molly Roloff? Let's take a look at some of the ways Molly is moving on and growing up and away from Little People, Big World

1. She's a newlywed.


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Molly got married to Joel Silvius on the Roloff family farm on August 5, 2017. She has been keeping a low profile since before her wedding. In fact, one of her last appearances on the show was around Christmas-time in 2016 when she announced her engagement. It is believed that Molly and Joel met in college.

2. She lives in Spokane, Washington.


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Molly and her husband live and work in Spokane, Washington. Spokane is nearly 400 miles away from the Roloff's farm in Oregon and would be a six- to seven-hour drive. That distance alone could be a huge reason why she's unable to be at the tapings of the family reality show on a regular basis. She has been in Spokane for years, and Whitworth University, the college she attended, is also in that city. 

3. She has a career outside of the family farm.


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According to her LinkedIn profile, she works for the Spokane office of a Seattle based accounting firm. She lists herself as being on the Assurance Staff. She's been in that position since September 2016. Again, with Spokane being nearly 400 miles away from Hillsboro, Oregon, that would make it hard for Molly to participate in Little People, Big World

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4. But that doesn't mean Molly has same reasoning as Jacob for not being on show.


A post shared by Jacob Roloff (@jacobroloff45) on Aug 6, 2017 at 12:33am PDT

Jacob has said he has no hard feelings for the show, he'd just prefer to shoot his own series

In a lengthy Instagram post from a year and a half ago, Jacob said, "For me, noticing how the agenda of the crew doesn't work well with the health and happiness of our family is what made me decide quite awhile ago that I would not be a part of it as soon as I was able." Matt Roloff also recently lashed out at the show's producers, accusing of them of trying to "amplify the negative."

With the absence of both Jacob and Molly, Little People, Big World now focuses on fraternal twins Jeremy and Zach and their wives and families, as well as Matt and Amy's lives post-divorce.

5. Her Instagram is private, but perhaps that's how she wants her life.


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Molly Roloff's Instagram is private. The rest of her family posts regularly to their public Instagram accounts. Perhaps Molly just wants to live a normal life outside of the limelight?

6. She still takes part in family gatherings and holidays.


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Molly may appear on Little People, Big World infrequently, but she's still a part of the family and does see them and participate in holidays and family gatherings from time to time. 

Molly has not issued a public statement as to why she isn't appearing all that often — and she doesn't really have to. Think about it: she was a child when the show started. She didn't have a choice but to participate.

Now that she is an adult with a college degree, career, and husband, she's free to make her own choices about how she wants to live her life. It seems that she'd prefer to do it far from the prying eyes of TV cameras. 

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