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8 Super-Awkward Things About Jeremy Roloff And Audrey Roloff From Little People, Big World

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Little People, Big World premiered this week and Jeremy and Audrey Roloff and baby Ember-Jean are three of the star characters. (Along with parents, Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff, brother Zach Roloff and Tori Roloff — and baby Jackson!, and the elusive Molly Roloff and Jacob Roloff, who only pop in now and then on the show.) Jeremy and Audrey or 'Jer' and 'Auj' as they're known are good looking and in love. They're also incredibly awkward. 

Jeremy and Audrey have just completed the first draft of a new book that will supposedly tell the world all about their love story — the good, the bad, and the ugly. Audrey took to social media earlier this week to let her fans know that she and Jer just finished the book, which will include new stories about the couple's courtship, engagement, and marriage that haven't been featured on Little People, Big World. And while we anxiously wait for the book's release, you can keep up with Jeremy, Audrey and their baby girl Ember on season 17 of Little People, Big World as well as their blog Beating 50 Percent

And unless you're a super-fan of the reality show, here's some lesser-known facts about Jeremy and Audrey Roloff's relationship you might not have known:

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1. They had an awkward first blind date before church.

Look, first dates are usually awkward and blind dates are pretty much always awkward. But Jeremy and Audrey's first date set a new level for awkwardness. According to Audrey's lifestyle blog, the couple was set up on a blind date before church when Audrey was a freshman in college. She was on the track team at Oregon State and showed up for their date straight from a run. It was love at first site...for Jeremy. Audrey wasn't all that interested. Jeremy told his mom that he was going to marry her and then proceeded to diligently pursue Audrey for two years. Some people might call that stalking.

2. Their first kiss was super-cringey.

The couple often tell this story. It was 3am. There was a full blood moon. Jeremy made a bed out of bales of hay and laid a blanket across it. He thought the moment was super romantic and went in for a kiss. Audrey offered him her forehead. So he kissed that.

3. They wrote handwritten letters to each other in the early stages of their courtship.

Jeremy and Audrey spent a couple of years growing closer as friends before they started dating. In fact, all but a month of their dating relationship was long-distance. They lived 878 miles away from one another up until one month before they got married. According to Audrey, the couple wrote letters to each other during this time. Actual, type-written letters, not texts, not emails. 

4. Their proposal involved a typewriter in a field.

Audrey spent 2013 and early 2014 hoping Jeremy would propose. When he finally did on March 15, 2014, she wasn't expecting it. The couple were at a train trestle near the Roloff family farm that they consider their special spot. Jeremy took Audrey there so they could write notes to each other about what they wanted for their future on a typewriter. When it was Jeremy's turn at the typewriter, he typed out his marriage proposal. When Audrey read it, she enthusiastically said yes. 

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5. Jeremy taught Audrey to drive a stick shift ... badly.

Jeremy tells us he is going to teach Audrey how to drive a stick shift. Then he admits she already knows how and that an old boyfriend probably taught her. Nevertheless, he was going to teach her again. When the couple is in the car, Jeremy confirms that Audrey's first boyfriend taught her to drive stick while she giggles and sips on an iced latte. 

6. They have a 'covenant' marriage.

Jeremy and Audrey have a biblical covenant marriage. Basically this means that God is a witness to their relationship and they agree to put God first. Jeremy and Audrey explain on their website that they seek to build a relationship where they give more than 50% to their spouse and build a selfless, value centered, loving union. 

7. They have an obsession with campfires.

Jeremy and Audrey named their daughter Ember. But why? According to Audrey, campfires have been a big part of their love story. Maybe they'll tell us more about these campfires in their book. After all, who couldn't use a little more romance in their life?

8. They recited their wedding vows while having sex.

One piece of Audrey's advice has gotten some notice for being kind of out there, because her suggestion is that couples recite their marriage vows as they're having sex. "We both brought our crumpled paper vows with us on our honeymoon [and had planned to reread them to each other again at some point," Audrey says. "Then I had this crazy idea... What if we read our vows to each other while having sex?" She claims it was the most intimate thing we have ever done in our marriage, and probably the most intimate thing I have ever done in my life."

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