The 15 Best New Drama Movies On Netflix That You're Probably Not Watching —​ But Should Be

Park your butt on the couch for these.

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Here's the deal with me and my television watching: I watch what I want and rarely do I move with the pack when it comes to doing the trendy thing... I just don't do the trendy thing. Alas, I'm still addicted to my own trends, and that's all about what catches my eye, no matter when it was released or what it's about, or what language it's in.

I'm big on subtitles, and would always rather listen to a foreign-made film with the actors speaking their native tongue than pretend to enjoy the Godzillaness of dubbing. Netflix is great for that — the best new shows on Netflix are the foreign ones that are being presented all the time, some old and forgotten, and some new and noteworthy.


But as for the best dramas on Netflix in terms of television, and best drama movies on Netflix, the "Best Drama" award goes to just about anything I totally dig in the genre, and that means the stuff I've found by rummaging through the hundreds of titles. 

I love a good drama, and I'm pretty discriminating as well; the world may fall on their face for crap like Sense 8, but not I! Stylized and boring, I'll pass on the rest of the new season, thank you. Gerald's Game? Oh Stephen King, why are your concepts never, EVER cinematically realized in ways we can get through without falling asleep? (The Shining, Shawshank and The Stand are untouchably perfect though.)


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What I've watched recently that's really made an impression on me are these new, old, and watched-to-death best dramas on Netflix. You may have seen a few of them, but here's the thing: if you haven't, don't get caught up in "what's new and trendy!" Make up your own mind and, well... watch what I tell you to watch!

1. Seven Seconds

Wow. The acting, the plot, the despair. This series is about an utterly ghastly scenario that involves an unknown youth accidentally run over by a car... and subsequently, how some severely wicked and corrupt cops try to cover it up.


Great statements on racism and the human spirit, not to mention performances that will rip your heart out. This is real suspense and they've done it so well, you'll binge crime 'til you drop.

2. The Following

An older series that didn't start out on Netflix, this show is so impossibly tense and suspense-filled, you'll binge all three seasons in a week. Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy lead the cast as the troubled good guy and the charismatic, insane bad guy in a cat and mouse chase that could be comparable to the dynamic of Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter.


This is a blood-drenched, well-designed beauty of a show. You'll want to follow.

3. House of Cards

Before Kevin Spacey became the poster boy for the world's worst person alive, he was actually (and probably still is) one of the world's greatest actors, and his portrayal of Frank Underwood, the anti-hero of House of Cards, shows him in all of his infernal glory.


Politically themed, it bores not. This show is about corruption at it's highest level, plus it's got one of the best opening title sequences out there.

4. La Mante

Let's just say I get my recommendations on little known shows like La Mante by following Stephen King's Twitter. He's great for suggesting great stuff to watch, especially the best new shows on Netflix. I guess no one is exempt.

La Mante is yet another psychodrama, avec cops and murderesses. In the lead role, Carole Bouquet works her magic (and beautifully, at that) as the strange and incredibly dangerous character, The Mantis. It's a binger for sure, if you like French crime mysteries.


5. Hotel Beau Séjour

This is one of those shows where you have to catch the first few minutes or the entire show is blown. But wow — what an opening!

Belgian, and set in Belgium, this dark mystery is more than drama; it's got a touch of surreal horror in it as well. A young woman is murdered, so what else is there for her to do but to come back as a ghost to find out who her killer was?

6. Better Call Saul



It's all good, man. OK, I'm a HUGE Bob Odenkirk fan, and yes, I find him sexy as hell — sue me. I'm also NOT a big whatshisname fan... um... Jonathan (one note) Banks fan, but oh well. This cast is so good that you'll find yourself tearing up at times.

There is NOTHING predictable about this Breaking Bad spinoff, and performances by the outstanding Michael McKean are heart-rending. From Spinal Tap to OCD-riddled top lawyer, McKean's performance in this is priceless, as is every single moment of screen time given by the brilliant Odenkirk in the lead role.

7. Hemlock Grove



Oh, the icky! Oh, the creepy! Oh, the weird! Oh, the gorgeous mutations! At first, there was no way in hell that I was going to watch this. My first impression: Ugh, a bunch of gorgeous teenagers doing bloody, creepy, icky, weird stuff, while being pouty and beautiful. Oh, but that changes fast. 

Hemlock Grove is basically a tale of monsters in human bodies, being awful, murderous (and beautiful). And if you enjoy looking at extremely tall, gorgeous men (Bill Skarsgård), I'll see you at the Grove.

8. Luther



Have you ever wondered, "Why is there so little Idris Elba in the world?" Well, starring in the title role, Elba will implant in you a craving for him that may end up being dangerous; he's just TOO GOOD as the world weary homicide cop. Not to mention Alice Walker is in this as a massively messed up murderess.

The two of them together provide for good times ahead for the serial killer and the investigator. Set in London, it's got accents-a-plenty, and all extremely charming.

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9. Limitless



I have never had a conversation once, with anyone, about this incredible show. Has anyone even seen it? Not a Netflix original, we're just lucky at this point that we can still see this. You may have seen the movie that this series was based on, starring Bradley Cooper.

Considered a comedy, this show is much more sci-fi drama with humor. The entire plot is about a pill that makes you into a spectacularly capable genius. And, of course, the horrendous side effects that occur during withdrawal for a fun plot twist. 

10. Breaking Bad



Hey look, if you haven't seen this masterpiece, just don't tell anyone. That's embarrassing at this point. Good thing for you, you can binge all 8,000 seasons right here on Netty!

Allow Bryan Cranston into your life and you may become addicted to his uber-famous portrayal of the fictional chemistry-teacher-gone-meth-lord, Walter White. Aaron Paul's performance as the sleazy but lovable Jesse Pinkman will stay with you forever.

11. The Invitation

Creepy and slow, you may want to drop out after the first 18 hours (I kid, I'm a kidder) of this movie... but don't! This is one of those super slow-burns, the kind that builds and builds and keeps you wondering, "Why am I bothering with this movie?"


And then, it happens... it suddenly starts to make sense. Cult overtones mixed with a Jim Jones kinda "LA really does suck!" vibe make for an amazing journey to a gut-wrenching ending.

12. Mute

Written and directed by Duncan Jones (son of David Bowie), this cyber-punk Blade Runner-y crime drama is quite different, and most definitely deserving of a second viewing just to pick up what might be lost during the first viewing.


Alexander Skarsgård and Paul Rudd move through this film with grit, grime and determination. Future visions of Berlin are hard to beat — a stylish film worthy of "trying" to understand. Who knew Alex Skarsgård could carry a film without speaking a single word? (I did.)

13. Moon

Another by Duncan Jones, this movie is incredibly human, despite its heavily themed "clone" concept. Sam Rockwell, who is just a god in the acting world, plays Sam Bell, a lonely astronaut who is guarding a station on the moon, while waiting for his detail to be finished and done with so that he can go home.


This movie is about loneliness at it's most brutal, and Rockwell is at the helm of this one-man movie. He's brilliant and so is the film.

14. Dexter

I'm sure this is considered a comedy, though it's not your usual comedy, unless you laugh at incredible acts of blood and gore-socked vengeance, then yes, it's humorous. I, myself, like murderous rampages mixed with justice and insanity-based revenge.


Michael C. Hall is more than perfect in this, as he takes charge as a forensic scientist who side-gigs as a vigilante sicko. Perfection!

15. 300

What can I say but, "This is Sparta!" This movie is about beauty. Oh, maybe it's not about beauty, but it happens to be one of the most beautiful, lavish, and exceptional fantasy dramas of all time. With a basic color palette of blood red, jet black and brilliant gold, it's a statement in design, not to mention gorgeous men and women throughout.


Historical, gladiatorial and warlike, this film is a fantastical look at what it might have been like (in some wargod's dream) to live during ancient times amongst deities and hot, gigantic, silvery, bedazzled Persian demigods.

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