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7 Awkward Things About John Krasinski And Emily Blunt's Relationship, Including The Time He Walked In On Her Kissing Matt Damon

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John Krasinski and Emily Blunt play an on-screen couple in A Quiet Place, a newly-released horror film directed and co-written by Krasinski that's been getting rave reviews. The movie centers on a family that has to stay quiet as deadly creatures wait for them to make a sound so they can attack. Of the experience co-starring with his wife, Krasinski was his usual emotive self, telling Jimmy Fallon, "I’ve always been the biggest fan of her, but not until you’re in the room when she does what she does do you know why she’s so phenomenal."

And while the film is a horror movie, their real-life relationship is, thankfully, far more lighthearted. 

The stars met in 2008 and have been married since their 2010 Italian wedding. Like the actors themselves, their relationship has been full of hilariously awkward moments, from his verbal diarrhea during their first meeting to a brush with death during their honeymoon. Here are some highlights from their relationship that are entertaining enough to be in the movies. 

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1. An airport customs agent couldn't believe John was married to Emily.

Krasinski recently recounted an incident on The Tonight Show where an airport customs officer couldn't believe he and his wife were together. After saying that he'd come to London to see his wife, the agent said, "You?! … You? You married Emily Blunt?" The officer's disbelief was evidence that Krasinski "married up," he joked. 

​2. He confessed his feelings a bit prematurely. 

It was love at first sight for Krasinksi, but that's not as romantic as it sounds — because he had some trouble keeping it to himself. “I met her, and I was so nervous. And I was like, ‘Oh god, I think I’m going to fall in love with her,'” he said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2011. So then, he blurted out, "I like you!" Fortunately, it seems she felt the same.

​3. Their first date was at a shooting range. 

His next not-quite-romantic move was to take her to a gun range for their first date. "I think that I was so sure that I would never end up with her, I was like, 'You know what? I'm going to blow it straight away and then that way you don't feel bad," he explained on Conan. Sounds logical. Fortunately, his plan to end the relationship before it started backfired — not literally, of course.

​4. They faced off with sharks on their honeymoon. 

During a scuba diving lesson, the couple shared the water with a particularly menacing kind of shark called the grey reef shark. "Every shark looks like Jaws, but these really look like Jaws," Kraskinsi said on Ellen. "And they're huge...and they swim very close." So, what did he do when one came after his wife? He "just let it ride." Good thing someone else took over the job of comforting her. "A sea turtle came up, put his arm around her, and then started petting her head," he said. 

5. He walked in on her kissing Matt Damon. 

When he came to visit his wife on the set of The Adjustment Bureau, Krasinski entered the moment Blunt was locked in an on-screen kiss with Matt Damon. "I get up there [to the set]... and I go this close to the screen, and it's just Matt and my wife kissing very deeply," he recounted on Conan. "Then Matt Damon came up, and he was just trying to make a joke, but instead he said, 'Hey, nice to meet you. I was just totally tonguing your girl.'"

​6. He almost quit acting before meeting her. 

Before landing his role on The Office, Krasinksi was getting discouraged and thinking of giving up acting. It's a good thing he didn't, because that role landed him in LA, where he eventually met his wife, he said on the TODAY Show.

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7. He had a magazine with her on the cover when they were first going out. 

Krasinski was just starting on The Office and Blunt had won a Golden Globe for her role in The Devil Wears Prada when they first met. "When we first started dating, that was weird," Krasinski told Playboy. "I remember she’d done this Vanity Fair cover with Amy Adams, Jessica Biel and a couple of other people — young up-and-coming hot Hollywood or whatever — and that issue was in my living room when we first started dating. I don’t think she had Boston magazine with me on the front wearing Celtics, Red Sox and Bruins stuff. I don’t think she had that in her living room." 

Given what they've been through together, it's no wonder these two make such a power couple, both on-screen and off-screen. It just goes to show that the key to a long-lasting relationship is not taking each other too seriously. A relationship can survive a bad date or two and even a shark attack if you have a sense of humor about it. 

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