How You Act When You've Finally Found 'The One,' Based On Your Birth Month

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How Do You Know You Found Your Soulmate, Based On Your Birth Month

How do you know you found your soulmate? The truth is, the feeling is a little different for everybody.

Nobody experiences relationships the same way, and the month you were born may have a lot to do with it. Just as your zodiac sign influences the way you act and feel, so does your birth month. 

Here's the biggest sign you've found 'The One,' based on your birth month.


You appreciate them through romance. 

With your charming personality and winsome smile, people find themselves drawn to you easily. With the right person, you make sure to bestow them with the best of you and you won’t stop, even when they’re head over heels in love with you.


You feel secure in their presence. 

You stop overthinking about all the ways this relationship could go wrong and you trust your partner wholeheartedly. You don’t let this relationship consume you by giving each other space and continue to work on yourself.


You promise all your love to one. 

You’re attractive and you have no lack of romantic prospect. So when you meet the one, you become serious immediately and you start to think of settling down. You realize how special they are to you and you make sure not to screw it up.

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You consider their feelings first. 

You have an obsession with yourself so you can be quite self-centered at times. It’s a different story when you’re in love. You keep a tight-lid to your emotional outburst choosing to be the best version of yourself so that you can love your partner well.


You see a future with them. 

To you, settling down with the love of your life is your biggest dream come true. So when you find someone who captivates your body and soul, you waste no time in making clear your intention to make them your forever.


You let go of the past. 

You’re charming and romantic but your biggest flaw is that you stay stuck in the past, unable to let go of how love had failed you before. When you meet the right person, they will teach you that the most devastating loss brings you to the most wonderful beginning.


You display your love openly. 

You’re independent and you thrive best alone. In love when you meet your partner, you may struggle to express your feeling initially but slowly, you’ll open up and show them that there is literally nothing you won’t do for them.

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You accept all their imperfections. 

You struggle to find love in the modern dating scene, as you stay away from casual relationship wanting only a love that will end in marriage. You look beyond physical looks and see the best qualities in your partner.


You connect intimately to how they feel. 

You’re friendly, outgoing, and a social butterfly. However, you find it hard to be honest and open about yourself and this creates a barrier between you and your partner. Slowly as you make the effort to communicate to them, love and intimate relation will deepen.


You devote your wholehearted effort. 

You’re sensitive and you have a tendency to jump to conclusions that any perceived hurt is seen as deliberate. The right one will encourage you to get out of your comfort zone, let go of your old limiting belief, and love unrestrainedly.


You share your innermost thoughts. 

Independent and secretive, it’s not easy to get to know you because you value your privacy a lot. When you finally fall in love, you’ll find yourself wanting to spend time with them and slowly become more open to sharing your feelings.


You reassure them that they have nothing to fear. 

Honestly, anyone will want to be with you. You’re a great catch and your love life has never been an issue for you. With the right person, you’re loyal and devoted to them completely and show them how they have nothing to worry.

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