What Kind Of Wife You'll Be, Based On Your Birth Month

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What Kind Of Wife You'll Be, Based On Your Birth Month

Your birth month has a lot of influence the person you are (or are in the process of becoming). It's crazy how your personality traits can be so identical to someone else born in the same month as you. Whether you are an assertive soul like someone born in the month of January or November or even have a bit of a temper at times like someone born in February, we are all closer than we think in the way we treat situations.

More than just your personality, your birth month also plays a role in how you approach married life. Of course, marriage takes more than just love to thrive. You need to understand how to be a good wife in order to make your relationship work. Along the way, just remember: you are a gem —  anyone who gets to eventually call you their wife, is luckier than they will ever know!

Here is what your birth month has to say about the type of wife you will be.

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As the saying goes, only legends are born in January. You are a natural-born leader and one of the most independent of the birth months. Why? Because in a way, you set the stage for not only the year but for every other person with a birth month after yours.

As a wife, you will tend to always bring out the intellectual side of your spouse. Because there is no one you would rather share intellectual conversations with than them. It is important for any woman born in this birth month to remember that your spouse may not always agree with you (and that is completely okay).


February is known as the month of love and so are the girls born in it. You are an imaginative being with a lot of love and light that you give the world. You appreciate people who respect you and are patient when it comes to your change of moods and heart which can happen often.

As a wife, you try not to let your bad moods change the way you speak to your significant other, but sometimes can't help it. And aside from your occasional slipups, the one thing that your significant other praises you for is how loyal, honest, and humble you are. You are an incredible wife.


While there is beauty in every month, there seems to be something very lucky about those born in March. You are an energetic charismatic soul, and people find you delightful to be around. 

People say that is is hard to capture your heart, and whoever is able to do so must be a very lucky person. Which is why as a wife, you become deeply in love; you are kind, patient, and sensitive to your significant other. A commitment was never simple for you, but once you are able to find that love, you make it work — making you a very good wife.


Nothing can stop the creative and assertive women that bloom from the month of April. You are a woman who doesn't take no for an answer and will give everyone and anyone a piece of your mind. You're unapologetically confident and virtually unstoppable. You are known to give your all in everything and that includes your marriage.

As a wife, you will be the type to do anything for your spouse. You will do anything to make sure they feel happy and important. There will be times, however, that you will be too much in your own head and forget that marriage is not "your way or the highway." It is a team effort that does not require you to get upset every time something does not go your way.

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Like those born in February, May is another month dedicated to those who love. And many born in this month are praised for all the talents that they possess. You are talented, creative, funny, and beautiful; all of which are the characteristics that your significant other will love and rave about you the most.

Once you become a wife you will be more than eager to take trips with your significant other and make new memories each and every day. They will admire your ability to constantly make things happen and also appreciate the love you will give as a wife on a daily basis.


The curious souls are said to be born in June. You like to discover and uncover everything within your reach. And one thing that people admire about you the most is that you are the greatest of communicators. 

Both as a wife and just as a whole, you always say what is on your mind and never hide your true feelings. Your significant other will appreciate this greatly because this stops many possible arguments from occurring. You will always try to work things out in your spouse. They know that no one will ever love them the way you love and care for them. You are filled with a radiance that no one compared to.


July babies, you are known for how beautiful, honest, and smart you are. Something about you is just so enticing and everyone you come across wants to know more. Not everyone understands your character, which is why most of the time they are hesitant to approach you. But when they finally do, they are ever so glad they did.

The initial emotional connection that you can form with people right off the bat is immense. This emotional connection only grows when someone has the privilege of making you their wife. You will be a wife who is intensity loved, valued, and respected because of all that you will do for your spouse.

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All anyone born in August wants is to love and be loved. You are a strong being who can be friendly, sensitive, romantic, and everything in between. You have the ability to inspire others to be just like you, and want the best for themselves. 

The characteristics you possess will be very desired once someone makes you their wife. What your spouse will admire most is how easy you are to talk to and how you bring out the best in them. Your constant support and endless love is what sets you apart from other months.


Those born in September are some of the most passionate people on the planet. People tend to point out how analytical and intelligent and determined you can be, and you crave someone who is like you in that way. 

No doubt you will be an amazing wife. You will always look out for your significant other's best interest and understand them in ways not everyone else can. However, you will have your moments that you are stubborn — hey, no one's perfect, right?

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To keep it simple: those born in October are great at loving and will make excellent wives. You are known for taking your time when it comes to relationships but once you become a wife, you will give your significant other the world. 

You will have your days where you are not so confident in your appearance, but on those days you hope that your significant other is cheering you on and showing you what a beautiful human you are.


With the month of November comes romantic, hard-working, and empathetic women. You have a creative flow and are determined to get everything that you set your mind out on, marriage included.

If your goal is to be the best wife that you can possibly be, then you are going to do exactly that. You will be willing to do literally anything for your significant other just to show and remind them how much you love them. To them, you will be the perfect wife and they wouldn't trade you for anything.


It is often said that December-born women make amazing life partners because they're beautiful inside and out. From the moment your significant other met you, they knew your heart was open and ready to love and be loved.

Your love for stability and your constant need to be generous is what makes you such a great wife. You enjoy positive interactions with your spouse, making your love life very enjoyable.

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