11 Signs You're 'Flexting' To Impress Your Date (And You're Coming On A Little Strong)

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What is flexting

Texting a date is an art in and of itself. Go too hard, and you seem desperate. Go too soft, and you seem disinterested. Most of us want to show the right amount of interest, and that’s why guys often will do what they can to get women more interested while texting them.

This is where "flexting" comes in. What is flexting? Well, flexting is a form of humblebrag that you do via text message — and if we’re honest, we’ve all been there and done that.

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The thing is, when men are trying to learn how to impress a girl, it’s not as subtle as they'd like to think it is. Men don’t always realize when they're flexting. If you’re wondering if you’re getting too braggy, watch out for the following signs that you’re flexting just a little bit too much for your dating game.

1. You casually mention that luxury gym you attend.

Going to the gym is a great habit to have and a wonderful hobby. I ought to know, I love to lift weights. The thing is, it does come off as flexting, particularly if you make a point of saying that you do it in a luxury gym.

2. If she asks you what you do, you dress it up a little bit.

You’re not a waiter, you’re “working your way up the ladder to assistant manager at Applebee’s.” It’s flexting, but at times, it’s a bit much. It’s okay to admit what your job is without frilling it up. She will still dig you, I promise.

3. Sometimes, you send a couple of unsolicited texts just showing how awesome your life is.

Flexting doesn’t always have to be about building yourself up, per se. Sometimes, it’s just about building up the lifestyle you’re offering by dating you.

4. Whenever you have the least bit of good news, you tell your crush.

This makes sense and is really only natural. However, a lot of girls might see this as flexting just because you’re basically telling them, “Look at how awesome my life is.”

5. You’ve made a slight remark to help her realize that you have options.

It’s okay to admit you have options. However, most women will back off if they feel like you have too many suitors to stand a chance. Tread carefully — or better yet, make her feel like she’s the only one for you.

6. You send sexy photos of yourself.

Though they are appreciated by women, this is definitely flexting. Just saying. It’s okay to flex a little bit.

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7. You send messages showing that you have friends and you’re out and about.

Girls usually prefer guys who have a life outside of them — because, let’s face it, that’s healthy. Doing this is a subtle way to say, “I’m not desperate, but I’m totally flexting.”

8. Though it’s totally not ethical, you might throw a subtle barb in her direction.

In the pickup artist community, this is called “negging.” If you’re doing this to purposefully get women feeling a bit insecure or a bit more impressed with you, then you might be flexting.

9. You brag about things that aren’t really that meaningful in hopes that your crush will spark a conversation.

A good example of this would be saying that you can down eight beers in a single session without puking. It’s not a good look, really.

10. Though it has no relation to the story you’re telling, you mention a status symbol or two for good measure.

“Yeah, so my American Express Black Card came in the mail, and then I was sitting at Whole Foods drinking my fair trade Peet’s Coffee...”

11. To a point, you know you’re bragging because you want them to be impressed by you.

It’s okay to brag a little, but when you use every other text as an opportunity to brag, you might have a problem. You can’t flext yourself too much without seeming a bit insecure, you know?

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