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10 Of The Most Paw-some Dog Birthday Cakes (Safe For Your Pup To Eat!)

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best dog birthday cakes 2018 safe for dog to eat

Your dog's birthday is right around the corner! And you're already planning on celebrating with tons of dog treats and endless hours of play to make 2018 his best year yet.

But to take your pup's party to the next level — and be the ultimate dog mom that you are — what you really need is an awesome doggy birthday cake that's safe for your pooch to eat. 

Show your love to your canine by giving him a gorgeous dog-safe cake to gobble up. And don't forget the doggy ice cream! It's a puppy birthday party, after all.

And your best friend deserves a special treat.

Here are the best dog birthday cakes, cookies, pies and more for 2018 that will spoil your pup on his birthday:

1. The First Doggy Cupcake

Birthday Mini Canine Cupcakes, Amazon.com 

Want a treat for your dog that's made with natural ingredients? These famous cupcakes are the original doggy cupcakes on the market. Plus, they come in two pup-approved flavors: peanut butter and pumpkin-banana. Buy this treat here.

2. Happy Birthday Dog Cake

Dog Birthday Cake with Gourmutt Bones, Amazon.com 

This brownie cake has real gourmet Peamutt Butter bones for your little pal. The award-winning Peamutt Butter bones are to die for... or at least that's what your dog will be thinking. And the chocolate used is safe for dogs. This cake will be a certified tail wagger! Buy this yummy cake here.

3. Canine Cupcakes

Bite Size Gourmet Dog Treats by Claudia's Canine Bakery, Amazon.com 

These treats look just like real cupcakes and are topped with delicious yogurt and colorful sprinkles, making them the tastiest bite-sized treats around. Get ready for these bad boys to be goggled up in a flash. Get them here.

4. Puppy Pie

Lazy Dog Cookie Company Original Pup Pie Treat, Amazon.com 

If your pup has food allergies, look no further than this pup-pie. It's wheat, corn and soy-free, so your puppy can chow down without worries. Buy this scrumptous pup-pie here.

5. Chewable Birthday Card

Crunchkins Edible Crunch Card, Birthday, World's Best Dog, Amazon.com

This is one card you won't mind letting your pup chew to pieces. It even comes with an envelope, so tearing into it becomes half the fun. Get this chewable gift here.

6. Puppy Cake Mix 

Puppy Cake Wheat-Free Red Velvet Cake Mix and Frosting Mix for Dogs, Amazon.com

Why not roll up your sleeves and bake your own cake? You don't have to go through the hassle of trying to make a recipe from scratch — everything you need (aside from eggs and oil) comes in this box, even the icing! You can even cook it in the microwave for added ease. Plus, this mix comes ins of great flavors. Get this bake-able cake here. 

7. Ice Cream For Dogs

Puppy Scoops Ice Cream Mix for Dogs: Maple Bacon, Amazon.com

No doggie birthday cake is complete without a side of ice cream! This mix-and-freeze kind comes in tons of great flavors that your pup is sure to love. Plus, he can eat it right out of the container making it mess-free! Buy this cool dessert here.

8. Dog Treat Cookies

Claudia's Canine Cuisine Gift Assortment Dog Cookies, Amazon.com

This adorably cute cookie set — made without preservatives or fillers — will delight your little princess. The only problem you're going to have is when you run out of them... and your dog gives you that adorable begging face! Buy these tasty cookies here.

9. Doggy Cheesecake 

Cheesecake Mix for Dogs with Coconut Crumble Crust, Amazon.com

For pups who take after their cheesecake-loving dog moms, bake a grain-free version of this treat that's totally dog-safe. Just mix in water, and put it in the refrigerator to set. Your yummy cheesecake will be ready to eat in no time! Buy this delicious dog cake here.

10. Birthday Cookie Platter

Happy Birthday Tub Dog Treats Party Platter, Amazon.com

Are you throwing your pal a birthday party and inviting lots of furry guests? Treat all of your pup's canine friends with this sharable treat platter of birthday party snacks. There are enough cookies for at least 7 other dogs to enjoy... if your pup is willing to share, that is. Buy this cookie party pack here. 

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