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Heartbreaking New Details About The Murder Of A 22-Year-Old Student Found On The Bed Of A Jealous Former Hookup

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Haley Anderson

Police are on the hunt for a possible suspect in the murder of a 22-year-old college student. 

Haley Anderson, a student a Binghamton University in New York, was found dead on Friday. According to her roommate, her body was found carefully arranged on the bed of Orlando Tercero, 22. 

“She was in Orlando’s room," Josephine Artin told the New York Post. She was in the bed. Looking back at it, she was clearly dead, because living people aren’t that color."

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After Anderson had left their house abruptly on Thursday, Artin said she didn't think much of it. Her friends started to get worried when she didn't answer her phone later that day. 

“At the time, we didn’t want that to be true. We called the police. My friend was on the phone with them. They asked, ‘Is she breathing?’ so I went over to her and I just — I wanted her to be alive. But I could tell she hadn’t just died. I’m sure it had happened the day before, based on her color."

According to Artin, Anderson and Tercero would occasionally hook up, but she had recently told him she just wanted to be friends. Anderson reportedly wanted to focus her romantic efforts on Kevin Ocampo, her on-again, off-again boyfriend. 

Artin said this angered Tercero to the point where he would drive by Anderson's house late at night when Ocampo was over. One time, he even slashed her tires. 

“There was no blood," Artin said about finding her friend dead. "The way she was lying, I wasn’t sure if that’s where she died or he put her there. It was very formal — she was on her back laying on the bed and she had a blanket halfway up her body. And she just had her arms at her side."

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“There was a handprint bruise on her arm. When I saw that, that’s when I knew for [sure] that Orlando had done this to her.”

Anderson's friends grew even more concerned during their search when they realized Tercero's roommates were looking for him too. He reportedly fled to his native Nicaragua after telling his sister that he "did something bad," and was "a disgrace to the family." 


"We were a few hours behind him," Binghamton Police Chief Joseph Zikuski said. "Then we put two and two together quickly."

The circumstances of Anderson's death have not yet been revealed. Police said they're working with the State Department to determine if Tercero is a U.S. citizen and that it's a critical issue if he has dual citizenship. 

There's a chance they may not extradite him," Zikuski said. 

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